The Great 8: Things to Do on a Boring Summer

So, this is my first post to one of my blog’s feature pages, The Great 8. It is a weekly list of random things.


It’s already summer vacation here in the Philippines and though I’m not a student anymore, I still enjoy not having classes because I’m a teacher. Haha. It’s my first summer as a public high school teacher and unlike in my previous jobs, I don’t have to report for work during these days. It has only been two weeks but I can already feel the same things happening everyday. If you will ask me the best way to spend vacation, I would say traveling. But what if you don’t have enough budget for that? Try these things out.

1. Do house chores. People who know me personally might think I’m a hypocrite for saying this but I somehow do them. Duh. Not only you’re able to help around, you can also burn some fat. The best of all is cleaning your room because this is the time you can actually see your stuff you couldn’t find before or forgot about.

2. Exercise.ย  I don’t need to explain this. But we should all consider it especially when our routine only includes sleeping, eating and browsing the internet. I think I just have a little discipline issue as I cannot always keep up with it. These are the YT Channels I love and recommend for you to use: ReFitRev if you love dancing and FitnessBlender if you want real workout.

These are the girls from ReFitRev. I like their choreography. Plus, they sometimes use music from Christian artists like Toby Mac, Mandisa, etc. Cool!

3. Catch up with TV series or watch movies.ย If you missed a lot of episodes of your fave TV Show, this is your chance to finally watch them all. You can also look for series and movies you haven’t seen yet. If you still don’t know what to watch, check Rotten Tomatoes to help you out or browse movie trailers on YouTube.

TV Series

4. Make some output of your talent and share them to the world. So you’re good in writing stories? Post them on WattPad! You have a collection of artworks? Make some more and share them on DeviantArt! You have skills in photography? Create a photo blog. You can dance like a pro? Then it’s time to show-off on YouTube. You might even be an instant celebrity. Here is an example:

I like toย  cover and compose songs so I put them on Soundcloud. I will be happy if you will check them out. ๐Ÿ™‚

5. Learn something new.ย Well, if you can’t think of anything to do for number 5, then this is for you. Try to learn how to drive, play the guitar, speak a new language or anything that interests you. I’m practicing how to cook lately. I ask help from my mother for some recipes or I search them on the net. This is what I learned last time with the help of my brother-in-law.

I dunno what this is called but it's tofu with mayo and lots of chili

I dunno what this is called but it’s tofu with mayo and lots of chilli.

6. Make some money. Sell some of your old stuff or have a summer job. Last Monday, I started tutoring again but when I was still a student, my mother and I were selling halo-halo and saging con yelo. They are cold desserts so they are very appropriate for summer. I used the money I earned for youth camp which is related to No. 7.

7. Join summer activities. Besides youth camp, there are also other activities that you can join in. This is fun especially if you’re an extrovert and willing to have some adventure. You can also enroll in a summer class (See No. 5).

8. Bond with friends.ย Need to say more? It’s more fun to do these activities if you’re doing this with a friend, right? However, if your friends don’t have the privilege of having a vacation like you do, still get in touch with them. ๐Ÿ™‚ My bestfriends and I were kinda in a long-distance friendship. Besides Skype and Facebook, we are using this app called BAND which is so cool.

That’s all for now. For those of you who are yet to experience summer on June, be prepared. ๐Ÿ™‚


>>>Note: I just found out that I missed an assignment on Blogging 101! So, this my a response to Day Three: A Penny for Yourย Thoughts. On the assignment, it says it’s ok not to publish the post and just save it as a draft. I had this draft from the beginning (just the title, though! haha). So, my idea from the start was to have a section in my blog which features lists of anything that pops into my head. I kinda got the idea from 8List but I wanted to change the number of items. I stick with 8 though because I like that number (monthsary with bf.hihi) and 5 is just so few, 10 is a lot.

I just noticed also that this article is more appropriate for students. When I was in high school, I wanted to be a writer for a particular teen magazine and I thinkย  it’s pretty obvious in my writing style. I’m a teacher but I’m still on my way to maturity. ๐Ÿ™‚


17 thoughts on “The Great 8: Things to Do on a Boring Summer

    • wantaps says:

      At first, I didn’t get you. But when I read it in reverse order, you’re correct! Haha. Yep, I wanted to make a bucket list, too. Maybe one of these days I’ll start on it.


  1. Chris (@lyteforce) says:

    Do chores around the house? Far too practical for me. Sure, I’d probably be less bored but then I’d be doing work. And I’d have to really consider whether working was better than boredom. Which it probably is.
    But that’s not my point. I just don’t like chores. I really wish the house would clean itself. My wife tells me that such an event will never take place, but I hold out hope it will. ๐Ÿ˜€


  2. Kat says:

    It’s appropriate for everyone and that’s what I like about this post. As adults, we tend to get buried under all these things that “need” to get done. This is a good reminder to do a few other things. And if you’re me- sometimes #1-household chores is probably the gentle reminder I need. ๐Ÿ™‚


    • wantaps says:

      Thank you! When I first wrote it, I thought I was only speaking to students. Adults need a break, too. And that doesn’t mean we can’t be productive! ๐Ÿ™‚


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