A Map to My World

Musings, memories and melodies. These are the three continents in my world. They look vast at first glance but when you get familiar with them, you’ll see that It’s not that hard to navigate. Let me give you a little information about these three M’s.

Musings = Articles

This is where I try to be a writer. I have been a member of school publication since elementary until I became a Journalism teacher on my first job. I miss writing and I am so glad I have this opportunity again. My thoughts can be just ideas already lingering inside my brain or maybe triggered by the challenges on WordPress community.

Memories = Diaries

I’ve always wanted a journal and I still have my old ones here but for some reason, I couldn’t keep up with it. Maybe, I just don’t have that much time anymore but I would still want to remember details from my experiences. This is the part of my blog where I don’t expect people to be interested with. But in case, you are, I will be categorizing them into three sections (or more in the future).

  1. Random Rants – These are my not-so-daily experiences.
  2. Teacher Confessions – Every school year gives me a different set of school activities, students and challenges to face.
  3. LDR Blues – Oh yeah. I’m one of those people head over heels in-love with someone who’s in the other side of the world. Maybe, I can find others who are experiencing the same.

Melodies = My Music

In Soundcloud, people listen to my recordings and they sometimes comment about my voice or the tune itself. Here, I will share to you the stories behind my music. Besides my own songs, I will also feature music from different artists that I call Life Soundtrack. They are originally from my own playlist but you can give them a try. πŸ™‚

I hope I can develop both my skills in composing songs and in writing by having this blog. I want to connect with people who share the same passion and positivity as mine. So, if you enjoy listening or reading my posts, please take this journey with me.


>>>This is a response to Blogging 101, Day 9: Inspire Yourself. I dunno if I really inspired myself. Haha. But it kinda reminded me of my vision in blogging. πŸ™‚



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