Throwback Time: Circus Charlie

If you remember this game and you used to play it, then your childhood is awesome. 🙂 Upon watching this video, it reminded me …

  • of our old Family Computer that my father had bought us when he was still working overseas;
  • how my older brother and sister were always better than me in playing any games;
  • how I was always better than my mother in playing any games;
  • how I loved to stay inside our house instead of playing with other kids outside;
  • that simple video games like this could already make someone happy;
  • that my life was less complicated when I was kid
  • and how I was so expert in Stage 1 but could hardly move forward after that. Darn monkeys…

I wish I could play again this game so I will know if I can finish it now that I’m already a grown-up.


>>>This is my response to Blogging 101, Day Sixteen: Make a Prompt Personal. Today’s prompt is Ring of Fire.


11 thoughts on “Throwback Time: Circus Charlie

  1. riz says:

    It is so familiar and nostalgic. Watching the vid game me that nice feeling. hihi. But I don’t clearly remember if this was the same game I used to play. But I’ll never forget Ice Climber. :))


  2. rey & lyn says:

    Brings back so much memories! Some the Family Computer games were really cruel because there was no end to it. The levels just kept getting harder and harder. But this game was really fun, much like the charm of the Flappy Bird for me. 🙂


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