Stories Behind Songs: No Greater Love (Original)

So, this is my first post to one of my other feature pages. Like what the title said, I’m going to share to you the story behind this particular song.


How many times have I let You down?
How many times have I turned my back and hurt Your heart?
In my life, I always get lost
‘Til I am found by the One who loves me most
I know I don’t deserve it but He makes me feel I’m worth it

No greater love than this that He gave His life for me
Jesus paid it all with His blood to set me free
And I’m thankful, I’m thankful

There was a time I let go of Your hand, thought I could be on my own
But then I came back running, and You held me close again
I know I don’t deserve it but my Lord, He didn’t think twice

Who am I for You to love me like that
Nothing can surpass what You’ve done for me
I am sorry for the things I have done
Now let me sing of Your love

I’ve written several songs already but not one for the One who gave me the talent. I’ve tried a few times before but couldn’t finish because I was not always satisfied. I think He deserves better. So,Β  in line for the Holy Week, I thought I should make and record a song about what He’s done for me. You know the band Switchfoot? (They are one of my fave bands and I made a cover of one of their songs.) They write songs about their faith but it’s not too obvious when you listen to them. That’s what I wanted to do because I felt like there are people who wouldn’t bother to listen if they know it’s a Gospel song. Anyways, I’ve tried…but I couldn’t even start it. So, I’ve decided to just sing what’s on my mind.

This song is about God’s love. It’s easy for us to love other people…if they are lovable. But what if they’re not? This is what I originally wrote for the second verse:

Will you take a bullet for a friend? Maybe yes, you will
But will you save someone who’s easy to hate?
Will you do it? Do you think it’s worth it?
But my Lord, He didn’t think twice

I’ve changed it because in my first verse, I was talking to God… just to make it consistent.

So yeah, I’m not lovable. I’ve disappointed Him a lot of times and I still do from time to time. I’ve broken promises and still hurt Him… but His love never changes. That’s the reason why I will never stop to believe.


>>>This is also my response to Daily Prompt: Reason to Believe.




5 thoughts on “Stories Behind Songs: No Greater Love (Original)

  1. Wannie says:

    Reblogged this on Wax's World and commented:

    May we be reminded of the real reason why we celebrate Easter. πŸ™‚ We may feel unworthy sometimes but we are no doubt valuable to Him. πŸ™‚ This is a song I’ve written last year… It’ also one of my first posts in this blog and I want to share it again. Happy Easter!


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