The Great 8: Female Artists I’d Love to Meet

Gurls rule! I love listening to female singers and I want to share with you the top 8 (not in particular order) artists that I would love to meet… and maybe collaborate with?! Shall I put this on my bucket list?

1. Sara Bareilles

Why I Love Her: She’s so freakin’ talented! She is an amazing singer who can sing with a mellow voice but can also be a diva. She’s an exceptional songwriter, too. For me, she’s an underrated artist and she deserves a Grammy!
First Song to Catch My Attention:
  Love Song but it was already 2011 when I discovered how great she truly is.
Memorable Moment with Her Music:
1.) My “dark ages” had begun during the time when Love Song was always played on the radio and it was a very appropriate song 2.) Her album Kaleidoscope Heart was one of the first albums I’ve downloaded  for my iPod which was a birthday gift from my boyfriend. 3.) My cover of her song Breathe Again is my first upload on Soundcloud. 4.) My bestfriend and I performed her song I Choose You to a wedding recently. Oops…I guess, I have a lot. 🙂
Fun Fact:
  She used to be a part of an acapella group which explains the beautiful harmonies she can create with only her own voice
Take Time to Listen…

2. Ingrid Michaelson

Why I Love Her: Her pretty face, her voice  and her songs never fail to mesmerize me
First Song to Catch My Attention: Breakable which I heard from Grey’s Anatomy. I love that series and its soundtrack!
Memorable Moment with Her Music: My bestfriends and I love singing her songs together!
Fun Fact: She’s friends (maybe even bestfriends) with Sara Bareilles and she’s married to Greg Laswell who is also an incredible artist.
Take Time to Listen…

3. Marit Larsen

Why I Love Her: She has always been the better M in M2M (Sorry, Marion fans!). I’ve been a fan of her since the duo’s hit single Don’t Say You Love Me came out for the Pokemon movie. She’s now a solo artist and she has improved so much! You might not know her but from what I’ve heard, she’s like the Taylor Swift of Norway. I admire her songwriting skills too well that sometimes I envy her.
First Song to Catch My Attention:  Don’t Save Me. When I saw her music video, I didn’t recognize her right away because of her brunette hair.
Memorable Moment with Her Music: One of the saddest parts of my life was when we moved to a new house after 23 years. Her songs are totally not related with this drama but they were on repeat on my mp3 player during this period.
Fun Fact: She’s a multi-instrumentalist. Definitely, my girl crush.
Take Time to Listen…

4. Regina Spektor

Why I Love Her: She’s so unique! No one can sing like her. She’s kind of selfish though because everytime my friends and I try to sing her songs, it would sound weird and funny. It’s like they’re only meant for her.
First Song to Catch My Attention: I think I heard Samson first as a background song on Pinoy Big Brother Season 2
Memorable Moment with Her Music: Samson and The Call were like both included in my life’s soundtrack. Enough said.
Fun Fact: She was once invited to perform at the White House (yep, in front of the president) and was obviously nervous. She’s so cute. This proves she’s human.
Take Time to Listen…

5. Alanis Morissette

Why I Love Her: Do I seriously need to explain this?
First Song to Catch My Attention: As a kid, who would not be interested (or confused) watching her music video of Ironic?
Memorable Moment with Her Music: My first ever public performance with a guitar was singing Ironic with my bestfriend Chax. We now call ourselves The Late Bloomers. I also relate some of her songs with my love life.
Fun Fact: She just learned to play the guitar at the age of 21. This works as my motto and I also share this to my students, “Don’t ever doubt yourself you can’t do that, Alanis learned to play the guitar when she’s already 21.”
Take Time to Listen…

6. Michelle Branch

Why I Love Her: I love singing her songs… except Breathe because I can’t reach the chorus. Haha. She’ s so attractive, too. Of all these artists, I think I’m most influenced by her music and singing style.
First Song to Catch My Attention: Everywhere. I was in first year high school then, I think.
Memorable Moment with Her Music: I bought her album Hotel Paper and I would always listen to it. It was a big deal because when you are young, you really save money to buy something you really want. That’s how it was for me. Unfortunately, someone borrowed it and forgot to return it. Now I’ve moved on because it’s only a cassette tape, anyway. 😛
Fun Fact: She became a cover model of Maxim once. Okay, not fun. I just think it’s not appropriate for her.
Take Time to Listen…

7. Hayley Williams (from Paramore)

Why I Love Her: Okay, she’s the only artist here who belongs to a group. As I said, I love female artists so I love bands with female vocalists, too! I like her style. I also love her songs (of course she writes them!). They are catchy with awesome lyrics. And her voice range, woah!
First Song to Catch My Attention: I actually can’t remember which one but I want to give the credit to my cousin’s ex for introducing this band to me. He gave me a burned CD of their first two albums and I enjoyed it.
Memorable Moment with Her Music: Some of their songs are included in my life’s soundtrack…
Fun Fact: She’s a Christian like me so some of her songs are about her faith. 🙂
Take Time to Listen…

8. Darlene Zschech

Why I love Her: She’s the most famous worship leader I know and her songs touch me.
First Song to Catch My Attention: I Will Run to You. Almost made me cry.
Memorable Moment with Her Music: I started to be a song leader in our church when I was 12 so her songs have already become a part of my life.
Fun Fact: She is currently battling breast cancer (not fun) but she’s facing it with a positive attitude. What an inspiration!
Take Time to Listen…


Almost made it…These artists are also great and it wouldn’t hurt to meet them!

I love all of these artists but maybe they just lacked that “memorable moment” part with me… except for Adele. She’s already recognized by a lot of people and The GRAMMYs so I don’t need to mention her more on my blog. But I love her. 🙂

If you also feel the same with these girls, let’s talk!




9 thoughts on “The Great 8: Female Artists I’d Love to Meet

  1. riz says:

    I love the song by Ingrid Michaelson! Paramore, of course, is phenomenal. I’ve never been good in staying updated since I topped listening to the radio decades ago so thanks for this! Love them vids. 🙂


    • wantaps says:

      Actually, me too! When I was in elementary and high school, I knew every song and every artist. But now, I’m outdated. Hehe. But these artists, people should listen to their music… 🙂


  2. Mermaid Momma says:

    I LOVE Paramore, I just went to see them in November! Hayley Williams stage presence was absolutely amazing. It was honestly one of the best times of my life. Lights opened for them, she’s also soo amazing and talented!! Def my girl crush lol. Great picks 🙂


  3. Wannie says:

    Reblogged this on Sparks and Sounds and commented:

    Yesterday, I met the one and only Sara Bareilles. She’s the no. 1 on my list of artists I’d love to meet (although I said in this post that it’s not in particular order. Hehe) I’m still in heaven right now.


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