Being Different Differently

The other day, I posted this quote…

They laugh at me because I’m different. I laugh at them because they are all the same.

I heard these lines years ago from my friend who I think is so cool. After, I published this on my blog, that’s when I just thought of actually researching if someone famous said it. Then, after typing just the first few words on Google, I found it. It was Kurt Cobain.

I don’t have anything against the dude, but he was not the best role model. So, I’m going to interpret this quote on how I perceive it.

  • Being unique is fab. I know we are all afraid of rejection or want acceptance from others but we don’t need to pretend to be someone else. Don’t be a poseur. We all have different appearances, styles, likes, abilities, and passion. Be confident on what you have.
  • Don’t be a mediocre. Don’t follow the trend, set it. Don’t fit in, stand out.
  • Just because many people do it doesn’t mean it’s right. Or just because many people like it, doesn’t mean it’s really good. 😛 We have to learn to stand up on our own principles and beliefs. Don’t go with the flow, rock the boat!

I found these great quotes on Pinterest and thought of sharing them with you. 🙂

Be Brave. Don't Change. Don't compare. Be Confident. Be unique. Be who you are. Don't go with the flow. Embrace yourself.Be You-nique!



>>> This is my response to Blogging 101, Day Twenty-One: Build on Your New-To-You Post.


11 thoughts on “Being Different Differently

  1. Thewitch says:

    Really love this post! I have always encouraged my brood to celebrate their differences! Although there have been moments when they weren’t so keen on celebrating mine! My oldest son, at the age of 5, asked me one day why I couldn’t have grey hair like other mums!! Great looking blog by the way!!


  2. faycrisanto says:

    Great thoughts on being true to one’s self. As for Kurt Cobain, he may not exactly be a role model, but he wrote excellent lyrics, and even more excellent melodies, that have no equal to this day. And his artistry was made manifest because he dared to be true to himself. Unfortunately, “himself” was destructive. Destructive, but productive.


    • wantaps says:

      I agree with you on that! I even found out that he is now being recognized at his hometown in Aberdeen, Washington. They made February 20th as Kurt Cobain Day. It took time before he was recognized. Maybe because of his image but now he is being recognized for his exceptional talent.

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