5 Cents Matter!

Philippine Five-Centavo CoinI went to the supermarket today because I was in the mood to make coffee jelly and buy some personal stuff for youth camp. The nearest grocery store from my house is Puregold. It’s also one of the biggest chain of supermarkets in the Philippines. There’s a rumor that this establishment doesn’t give the customers’ less-than-one-peso changes.

Actually, it’s not much of a rumor. I experience it myself. I just haven’t noticed it until I heard a customer complained about it on the radio. I also heard my co-teachers talked about this. When it was already my turn for the cashier, I was waiting for the total amount of my purchases so I could prepare my few collected coins which I got from SM Stores (because they devotedly give the change).

So, the total amount of what I bought was P609.95. Ok, I only had two twenty-five-centavo coins and a five-centavo coin (I just realized I’d already spent most of my coins). I wouldn’t be able to give the exact amount. 😦 I gave my one-thousand peso bill and the female cashier asked me if I had 10 pesos. I gave my ten-peso coin and she gave me my change– four hundred pesos.

I took a glimpse on her cash drawer and saw a five-centavo coin. I told her, “You have a five-centavo coin. Please give me my change,” on which she responded in a polite manner, “I’ll just finish this,” while already getting the next customer’s items. Actually, I wasn’t really sure if it’s five or ten centavos but she, at least, owed me an explanation why she didn’t give me my change. Even an apology would be nice. The bagger was already done packing my goods so I just told the lady, “Never mind!” in a pissed-off tone.

I didn’t really care about that before. Besides, what can I buy with five centavos? But like what I’ve heard on the radio, this has a bigger implication. Imagine, they owe me five centavos. What if they have 100,000 customers in the Philippines to whom they owe five centavos? That’s already P5,000. The most common coin they probably owe is 25 cents. If you multiply this to 500,000 customers, it will amount to P125, 000 and for 1,000,000 customers, it will be P250,000. Wow, I’m blogging Math. 🙂

With this in my head, I wasn’t even able to get my inner-monster out when I was still there. I couldn’t. I’m an it’s-better-to-be-kind-than-to-be-right person. Well, at least, having a blog to share this out helps. 🙂

Lesson Learned: 1.) Always be ready with your centavo coins everytime you go to a grocery store (especially to Puregold). Don’t use your centavo coins everytime you buy at SM because they can give you your change anyway. Save them in case you need it when you go to Puregold which most of the time you do. Haha.
The Bright Side: I can help others be informed through my blog. Plus, I have my coffee jelly to brighten up my day. 🙂 Want some?

Coffee JellyCheers,



6 thoughts on “5 Cents Matter!

    • wantaps says:

      It’s a kind of dessert. 🙂 I just learned how to make it today. The jelly is coffee flavored (I made the jelly myself) then you mix it with evaporated and condensed milk and cream. 🙂


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