The Great 8: Boybands of the 90’s

One of the trending news in the Philippines right now is the selling of tickets for One Direction’s concert. Many of the fans spent Thursday night at SM Mall of Asia to wait for the opening of ticket booths at 8:00 a.m. Friday. They brought sleeping mats and some had waited for 25 hours just to be able to buy tickets. The VIP tickets are sold-out now and fans who were not able to purchase cried and got angry at the promoter so I heard that there will be a request for a second show. This concert will be on March 2015. Yes. It’s still next year but you can see how crazy these fans are with their idols.

I don’t have anything against 1D but it’s like monopoly, right? Back in the 90’s, we had a lot of boybands to choose from. I just felt old saying that. Haha. The negative side though was some fans argue on which boyband was the best. I have my own favorite, of course, but listening to the present pop music made me appreciate all the boybands before. So let’s just be nostalgic and remember the boybands of the 90’s. 🙂

1. Backstreet Boys. Obviously, they will be on this list. They have become my favorite since 2nd grade. I was one of those who believed they were actually better than any other boybands. I love the fact that they all sing solos and we can actually recognize their voices. I feel so proud because they are still making music as a group until now. I was so happy when I finally get to watch them live last 2012. 🙂
Remember this video?

2. *N SYNC. I always thought they were the best dancers among all the boybands. Their songs also sounded deeper and cooler if you know what I mean. Justin Timberlake has made a name for himself but it’s still great to see him with his good ol’ group.
Remember this video?

3. 98 Degress. I really get sentimental everytime I listen to their songs and most of them were romantic. Nick Lachey sings so good (and sexy) but I wish I could hear more solos from the other members.
Remember this video?

4. Boyzone. I used to tell a lot of people I don’t like them but honestly, listening to their songs was a guilty pleasure. Now, I can admit, I love them, too. ❤ May Stephen rest in peace.
Remember this video?

5. Westlife. Here’s another boyband I used to say I hate but trust me, I memorized their songs. My sister had their album (and Boyzone’s) and I would listen to it. I just realized I was liar back then. Haha. Ok, sorry Westlife fans. I heart them, too.
Remember this video?

6. A1. This boyband is from the UK and they also became so popular here in the Philippines. They were also one of my favorites. 🙂

7. 911. We first heard them with Love Sensation for the Casper soundtrack. I remember we dance to that song as a special number when I was also in 2nd grade. This boyband has less members but they were still great. 🙂

8. 5ive. Okay, so I guess most on my list are from the UK but they were really the ones popular here. 😛 I also love 5ive. Listen to their songs and you’ll know why. 🙂

I really enjoyed searching for these videos because it reminded me of my grade school friends. It’s like each of us has her own boyband. Haha. I also saw some reunion performances from them. They look like daddies now but they really look hotter especially when they dance. 😛

More boybands… They also became so popular with girls but they were real bands with instruments, so they were kind of different than the ones in my category.

And more boybands… Here are other groups I didn’t include on the list but I also love. They just had fewer hits or just became popular in early 2000’s.

If you’re wondering why Take That and New Kids on the Block were not on the list, well, I’m not that old. Haha. But they were also great, of course. Again, I really enjoyed doing this post. It’s really nice to watch the videos and appreciate how handsome they were. Haha. I was not attracted to some of them when I was in grade school so it’s amazing how they become so attractive to me now that I’m in my 20’s. 😛 So as a conclusion, I can say that as long as there are (teenage) girl fans, there will be boybands!

Who is your favorite boyband? Anyone you want to put on the list? Leave it in the comments. 🙂


13 thoughts on “The Great 8: Boybands of the 90’s

  1. rey & lyn says:

    The 1D concert ticket sale was really crazy, right? Almost Php18k for each of the VIP seats and was the first type to have gotten sold out. Grabe. Anyway, Backstreet Boys have to be #1 because they were really the most popular one back in those days. Hehehe.


  2. SarahRhea745 says:

    Obviously I LOVE that BSB was number 1. I also appreciate that The Moffats were on here, mostly because I don’t think I knew anyone else who knew who they were! haha Not that I can recall their songs at this point but that made me smile.


  3. aysabaw says:

    So yung Take That naabutan ko pero hindi ko na alam ang mga kanta ng New Kids on the Block…oh well…hahaha gusto kong magwala nung nakita ko ang balita dyan tunkol sa one direction na yan. magwala hindi dahil gusto ko rin ng VIP tickets. gusto ko magwala dahil sa mga kabataan ngayon…haaaaayyyyy anyare?


  4. caitlinocegueda says:

    Such a fabulous post! Seriously, I was a 90’s kid too and this takes me back. I never got a chance to see Nsync which tears me apart, but I will forever love them. Boybands are definitely still relevant!

    Love your site, excited to see more posts!

    I also wrote a post on my devotion to boybands. If you ever need a laugh or want to take another trip down memory lane,

    Best Wishes,


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