Sunday Sweets and Smiles: Reach

It had been busy again but now I’m back on track! Here are the things that made me smile this week. 🙂

1. Regional K to 12 Seminar for Grade 9 Teachers.  Did you know that we Filipinos used to graduate high school at 16? That’s because we only had 10 years of basic education– 6 years in elementary and 4 years in high school. Last 2012, the K-12 program was implemented and as a third year high school teacher, it’s now my turn to teach under this new curriculum starting this school year. It’s a major transition but I think this change is good. I attended this five-day training last week and I am now more equipped to teach this coming June 2 (vacation’s almost over!). It’s also nice to meet other teachers who shared their insights and experiences from their schools.

Posing in front of the tarpaulin.

Posing in front of the tarpaulin.

Got my certificate!

Got my certificate!

2. 2048. I actually became addicted to this game since last week I just forgot to post it. 😛 I thought you have to be good in Math to solve this, but I guess not. The app is avalable at App Store and Google Play but you can also click on the link and play it on-line! 🙂

I got it under classic mode! :)

I still won the game! 🙂

3. Kenneth Cobonpue. Well, shame on me because I didn’t know who he was before. Just heard his name during the seminar as one of the creative Filipinos who made it big. Yeah, we are like that. We really do feel proud for a fellow Filipino. 🙂 These are just some of his designs:

And this famous bed which was the same kind as what Brad Pitt purchased and appeared on Maroon 5’s music video. To see more of his designs, visit his website.


4. Elsa Rhae. She’s a self-taught makeup artist and it’s hard to believe that she’s been doing it for just less than a year. Check out this gallery or her website and you’ll know what I mean. She’s amazing!

Elsa Rhae5. Ten Easy Things That Will Make You Happier, Backed by Science. Just saw this article. Read on and make yourself happier. 🙂

brain6. Blog of the Week: Covey View. A group of bloggers who met during the Blogging University classes teamed up for this page to present a view of their world. I’m glad that I’m now a part of it but I haven’t posted anything there on yet. I think I’m the only one from the Philippines so far so I’m excited to share about my province/country but have a look on where the others came from and make sure you visit their blogs, too. Actually, it’s also my assignment to visit their blogs. 🙂

7. Life Vest Inside. I also just saw this from the seminar. Just found out it was already an old video but still, it will make you smile. Just watch how a simple act of kindness can boomerang back to you

What made you smile this week? Share it in the comments!


6 thoughts on “Sunday Sweets and Smiles: Reach

  1. amforte66 says:

    I love this blog feature. It is very interesting, varied and upbeat. Two of my daughters are addicted to 2048 as well!! I think that’s awesome your schools are moving into a K-12 model. What do people in the Philippines think of this? Enjoy your last week of break!


    • wantaps says:

      Thanks! A lot of parents and even some teachers complained about the additional two years because they thought they needed to spend more for their child’s education and also, during the first year of implementation, there have been lack of materials. Now, I think it’s getting better, they just have to be educated about the new program to see its advantages.


  2. rey & lyn says:

    Great IG posts regarding the K-12! #5 looks very interesting and will come handy during difficult times. #7 is really a fresh perspective on how kind acts can benefit a lot of people including yourself. 🙂


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