A Letter From the Past

LettersI’m a sentimental person. I have this box full of letters written to me by my friends since grade school. One time, as I was cleaning my room, I saw an old letter kept within the pages of an old notebook. I was wondering why I didn’t keep it inside the box. I read the letter…

letterIt was a letter written to 25-year-old me by my 14-year-old self. This girl had exaggerated dreams but she was a lazy student. We also have different views of an ideal husband. She’s so different from me. I wonder if this letter is really for me. I turned on the second page and it took me by surprise…


It says, “Have you met Marte (in person)? I hope so…” This put a smile on my face. I finally felt connected with her. This girl was hoping to meet her on-line friend/crush. Maybe I should write her back…

Dear 14-Year-Old Wannie,

It’s funny how I become a teacher as you were such a lazy student. Just continue to dream big because I never stop dreaming, too. Oh by the way, at least one of your hopes finally came true. Here’s a picture of me and Marte together. We’re planning to get married next year so forget your foolish ideal man. Haha.

Marte and WannieLove,
25-Year-Old Wannie


>This is my response to Writing 101, Day Five: Be Brief.

>>>Daily Post: Evasive Action




21 thoughts on “A Letter From the Past

  1. Christina Does It All says:

    Ah!!! You and I must be blog soul mates. 😉 I have done this same exact thing! (Aka wrote a letter to my adult self and later on my blog wrote a response back to my little self who also had no idea what kind of dude ((or life)) she wanted :P)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. aysabaw says:

    wowwww…i had lots of letters too from HS and Elem friends. Unfortunately na-Ondoy lahat but I never thought of writing a letter for my future self. You maybe one lazy but awesome student LOL


    • wantaps says:

      Aww. sayang naman… hehehe… pwede ka pa naman mgsulat ng letter… try mo ung http://www.futureme.org , send ka ng e-mail sa future self mu. 🙂 Lazy student talaga ‘ko… pero nasa mataas na section kaya di naman ka-grabeng tamad tulad ng ibang mga estudyante ko ngaun. hahaha. Yung tipong tamad lang na halimbawa, may cross stitch kami dapat ipasa sa T.L.E., sunflower ung akin eh di ko natapos, pero pinasa ko pa din. sabi ko patatas un na may yellow ribbon. hehehehe


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