The Great 8: Filipino Traits I’m Proud Of

Hey, sorry for the late post for this. I’ve decided to publish this (or last) week’s The Great 8 on Covey View. Please have a visit on this blog. 🙂

Covey View

Hey guys! This will be my first ever post for the Covey View blog. I’m Wax (or Wannie) from Cavite, Philippines. Yep, I’m not from Manila so the things I will share with you will be about my country in general or about my hometown.  The Great 8 is one of my blog’s regular feature and I’ve decided to post this week’s article here. 🙂

On June 12, we will be celebrating our  Independence Day so I’m in the mood to be nationalistic. Hehe. Philippines may be  known as a third world country or for corrupt officials but I can’t help but still be proud of some of the Filipino traits. Here are just some of them.

1. Our unique beauty. Filipinas usually have the kayumanggi or brown skin. When you visit here though, you will notice how diverse our beauty is. Probably, it’s because we are a mixed of…

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