My New Boss

It’s only my second year at the school I’m teaching in. Last December, our principal passed away and she was replaced by her friend who was also a principal from a different school. Having a new principal means adjustment, both for teachers and students.

I remember my first boss, Teacher Joy. Just like her name, she’s always full of joy. 🙂 She knows how to have fun without losing our respect. She preferred to be called teacher even though she’s already a principal. The first company I worked in was just a small private school where the teachers and staff were like a family and she’s our mother. I decided to leave because I wanted to work at a place near my house.

When I transferred to a public school, a lot of things became new to me. We don’t have to communicate much with the principal because we were departmentalized. I am working in a very large school where we have a thousand students for each year level. I still don’t memorize all the names of my co-teachers because we just stay in our department’s office when we don’t have classes.

I don’t know much about our previous principal (may she rest in peace) but I’m interested to know more about the new one we have. Well, so far I can see that he’s maybe in his early 60’s (or near 60’s) so he must retire soon. 😛 Just kidding. Physically, he’s really small like less than five feet. He has a side swept hairstyle but not the stylish version. Yes, for the first time, I have a male principal but I think he’s gay because when he introduced himself to us, he said, “In this school, I am your father but I can also be your mother.” He also talks very softly and he has a high-pitch voice. If he’s gay though, it would be ironic, because I hardly see him smile. I experienced greeting him happily twice and he greeted me back “good morning” with a poker face.

He also has some new rules I don’t understand like logging out and in during lunch break when we don’t actually go out of the school. Our department’s office is too far from the bundy clock so it’s really difficult for us. I also get tired of our new schedule that I tend to go to bed very early. I get so sleepy at around 8:30 in the evening so I’m not always able to blog as much as I did last vacation. He is very strict but I can’t imagine him with an angry face. He looks so kind. But still, he doesn’t smile.

I wonder what his past experiences were as a principal that lead him this way. I wish I could laugh with him like I used to with my first boss. Maybe, one of these days… Who knows?

What can you say about your boss?


>>>This is my response to Writing 101, Day Six: A Character-Building Experience.
>>>Daily Prompt: Overload Alert


4 thoughts on “My New Boss

  1. amforte66 says:

    We have a new principal this year too. Our former principal was loved by all and so friendly. We’ll see about the new guy. The logging in and out sounds like a PAIN. I would be annoyed by the lack of trust in your professionalism as a teacher. I go to bed super early too. Good luck! 🙂


  2. loupmojo says:

    Gay or not, it doesn’t matter. What’s important is if he is a good principal because nothing else matters when it comes to education; kids first, always. I hope it works out for you all 🙂


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