(Sunday) Sweets & Smiles: One

I am late again for Sunday. Hehe. But here’s what made me smile last week. 🙂

1. This GIF of Steve from Blue’s Clues. Actually, I found this image by reading this article revealing the real reason why he left the children’s show.

Steve dancing

2. Food Hacks. I really enjoy finding out posts like this and I believe I saw this before but it made me smile again and makes me want to try some of them. Maybe I’ll see more of this through Pinterest? I actually have a Pinterest account but I’m still exploring the right way to use it. Haha.

Flower Eggs

3. Tuzki. Some of you have noticed the little creature dancing on my sidebar. I actually couldn’t remember where I got that. It was just saved on my Photobucket account for a long time along with the other emoticons of the same character. I kinda felt guilty ‘coz I couldn’t give credits to the one who made this so I searched for it and found out that this bunny’s name is Tuzki and it is created by a Chinese illustrator, Momo Wang. Download more of Tuzki for your computer here. I am planning to change my dancing Tuzki with one these soon. 🙂

tuzki_008 tuzki_005tuzki_004tuzki_017319855_10150700851208950_1479946566_n

4. Blogger of the Week: Ida Ayu Indah from A Simple NoteShe shares a view of her world in Bali, Indonesia through pictures and stories. I get excited everytime I see a similarity between her country and mine. This particular post about banana fritters made me smile. They call it Pisang Goreng while we call it Turon (covered with spring roll wrapper) here or Maruya (covered with flour and egg mix). Explore her blog to find out more about the Indonesian culture! 🙂

5. Playing for Change. It’s a group of people from different countries who speak the same language–music. These musicians played in different streets around the world and their videos were put together so it turned into one amazing performance. This reminds me of my fellow amateur musicians I met on Limebooth, an on-line community of artists. Sadly, it has now been closed but the founders are working on right now to bring it back! Anyways, the Limebooth members loved to collaborate, too. We record our music from home (some were singers and some were instrumentalists or producers) then, we put our recordings together using a computer software and it would sound like we performed a song together. Click here to listen to some of my collaborations with awesome artists from Chicago, Texas, Miami, Taiwan, Trinidad and Tobago, Ireland, Spain and France. 🙂 Before that though, watch this video of Playing for Change first. I discovered this through Sara Bareilles because she’s a part of this performance! This is really cool!

What made you smile this week?


15 thoughts on “(Sunday) Sweets & Smiles: One

  1. Chelle says:

    Omg Blue’s Clue’s!! My brother used to watch that show when he was little… Except there was no Steve lol. I totally forgot about my photbucket account, I’m going to log in to see what old photos I can find 🙂


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