Sunday Sweets & Smiles: Dream



1. Creative Cup and Mug Designs. Man, I want these for my coffee (although some of them are for tea)!

2. This Photoshop Wizard.Β I always discover great artists from Bored Panda. Check how this dude made his wildest dreams come true via Photoshop. Warning: some images are morbid.

3. New Girl. I’ve decided to continue watching this show. I’m now on Season 2! It gave me a lot of laughs. I love Zooey! πŸ™‚

4. Daily Overview. Discovered this again through Bored Panda (I just love this site!). These are breathtaking satellite photos around the world. Love, love, love it!

5. Redefining “air-conditioned.”That’s a photo taken inside a jeepney where the owner placed fans for the passengers so they will still feel comfortable even when it’s hot. πŸ™‚ Source.

6. Blogger of the Week: Adrienne from greatsnaps, goodtimes and me.Β I think I already mentioned this blog before. Oh wait, the blog title has been changed but I love it more! I truly admire how cool she is as a mom and as a teacher. Three of her posts made me smile this week. The first one was how her daughter handled the mean girls at school. The second one was the list of pet peeves her students have about teachers…which becomes handy to me. And, the third one was how they spend their dinner time. I just learned some activities/games that can be done during dinner.

7. Why It’s Nice to be a Filipino. In line with the Independence Day celebration, these foreigners shared why they love living in the Philippines..

>>>Oh forgive me if I have grammatical errors. I’m so sleepy while doing this and I think I’m just gonna notice my errors tomorrow. Good night for now. Zzzzzzz…………



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