The Great 8: Hotties of My 2006 List

I found my old journal and saw an incomplete list of hotties when I was 17. This might be a little embarrassing but I will not lie on what’s on the list. πŸ™‚ Eight years later, I try to analyze how I feel about them now.

1. Tom Welling.Β 
Then: Well, Smallville was popular and who wouldn’t fall in-love with teenage Superman (although he was not really a teenager in real life that time)? Oooh. Look at that…

Tom WellingNow: He looks like a hot daddy…:) But he’s not a daddy yet as I’ve researched… Tom+Welling+Draft+Day+Premieres+LA+Part+4+pDaeFWTmyMml2. Tobey Maguire.
Then: I loved Spider-Man 1 & 2 (I don’t like 3) so maybe I was just attracted again to a teenage superhero (who was not really a teenager in real life… Oops, I think I already said that.)
Now: Everytime I hear his name, all I can think of are his funny face memes and GIFs. Poor Tobey.

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3. Johnny Depp.
Then: I started to fall in-love with him since I was in grade school after seeing him as Edward Scissorhands.

Now: I don’t think he will be ever gone on my list. Heart heart!

hottie 3

Don’t be so sad, Johnny… I’m here.

4. Tyson Ritter.
Then: The All-American Rejects is one of my fave bands not only because of their songs but also because my bestfriends and I used to swoon over him and his bandmate, Nick Wheeler.
Now: I just find him so thin. 😦 I still love AAR though!

5. Brandon Boyd.
Then: Yeah. I was into that scruffy rockstar look. And I love the band, Incubus!
Now: I just miss his semi-long curly hair. He’s more attractive when he was younger but I’m more into his music so he’s still hot.

6. Rupert Grint.
My friends and I have always loved him more than Daniel Radcliffe since the beginning of HP movies. Well, he’s funny and cute and a very good actor. I knew he could have other roles besides being Ron Weasley!
He’s only a month older than me so he’s still on my hot-meter.Rupert

7. Jude Law.
I dunno why he’s still on my list after the nanny issue. Haha. Well, I couldn’t help it, maybe?
I think he’s still alright except for the hairline. πŸ˜›Jude Law8. Danny Masterson.
I love Hyde from That 70’s Show. It was only 2006 when I started watching it. πŸ™‚
I still love Hyde from That 70’s Show!

I realized two things as I was creating this post: 1) Johnny Depp is the oldest on my list but he’s still attractive and 2) they love growing a beard.

I think I should make a 2014 list.

Who’s your old celebrity crush? Share it in the comments.


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7 thoughts on “The Great 8: Hotties of My 2006 List

  1. Kat says:

    You really don’t want me to age myself, do you??? πŸ™‚ When you say old how far back are we talking? Teenage old? As a teenager I loved Shaun Cassidy and Scott Baio. See, I am old! πŸ™‚


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