Where’s Wannie?

Hi there! Just want to say I miss blogging. I’m just so busy and stressed right now. School Stuff.

I don't want to cryAnyways, there are also a lot of things that I want to blog about so stay tuned for that. For the mean time, here are some Waxy updates:

1. There’s a terrible news I found out yesterday. My student from last year passed away due to an accident. It’s very tragic. That made me really sad. :(((

2. For some better news, I posted a new page called Movie List where I will enumerate the films I watch and give them a one(or two)-sentence comment. This is to motivate myself to watch more movies. Hehe. Thanks Redg. vs. The Machine for this idea. Please do check out her blog! I love it. 🙂

3. I just also want to ask you if you like my posts for Sunday Sweets and Smiles. Should I continue it?

4. Lastly, my boyfriend and I are celebrating our 4th year anniversary today. Hurrah!

Wanna know our LDR story? Start here.

What’s the greatest/worst news you’ve heard lately?


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