Life Soundtrack: Summer is for Youth Camp

There’s always one event that I’ve been waiting for every summer– youth camp and seminar! I started joining this annual two-week event when I was 13 and it gave me lots of wonderful experiences. I met fellow youth believers from different parts of my province and learned different things… but the most important thing is that it helped my faith grew stronger as a teen.

Since I’m an adult now, I’m no longer a camper but I still attend this event every year to become a part of the staff. It was my nephew’s first year as a camper last summer and I was so excited for him. He didn’t really like to join but in the end, he really enjoyed it and he became motivated to use and improve his talents. Here’s the song that reminds me of the last youth camp.

In the future, when I can’t contribute my time and effort to help with this event anymore, I will still help financially. I want the younger generation to experience it and I want this program to continue to train young leaders.

And if I am told that this event will be cancelled forever, it will surely break my heart.

What’s your favorite summer activity? Leave it in the comments.

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