I’d Rather Have Classes…

So, this is what happened for the last three days…

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It might be summer at your side of the world but here in the Philippines, it’s the start of the typhoon season. At these months, students and even teachers like me are waiting for class suspensions. Last Monday, when I heard that a typhoon was approaching, I was kind of hoping that classes would be suspended. I always say on my blog posts that I’m so stressed at work and I really wanted to have a day off. And so, last Tuesday I was able to get what I wanted, a day of rest. But now I regret it…

It was still sunny last Tuesday so I expected that the storm would come the next day and I was right. Classes were suspended again on Wednesday. I woke up at 5 a.m. at the sound of the strong wind. I tried to sleep again but hearing the sound…

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