Dying Young

Leslie BurkeLife is short…


I went to my grandma’s house this lunch break. I am talking about my other grandma who lives beside the road. I just need to borrow something for my Home Economics class this afternoon. Well, you know, I’m already a fifth grader so I have subjects in the afternoon but I can go home during lunch.

My aunts were surprised to see me there as I don’t usually go there during lunch but my house is only a block way. I usually go there during afternoons or weekends because I get to play with my cousin, Ella and my second cousin, Dianne.

They were asking me what I needed when I suddenly heard a noise outside. I went to see what’s going on. Then, I saw Dianne. She was carried by her father and she was unconscious. I heard that she was ran over by a motorcycle. I don’t know what to think but I got really nervous. I hope she would get better.

I went to class thinking of her. I always admire her for being gutsy. She’s boyish and I would always assume she would be a tomboy when she grows up. She was only nine years old but she was the bravest of us. Although, sometimes, I think her parents just let her do things without considering her safety. Am I supposed to blame her parents? Or maybe it was really just an accident…

She did get well but weeks after the incident, I heard my mother and my aunts talking about her and her parents. She was seen working with them at the market. We’re not even sure if she’s really okay now. Then, one day, I heard the terrible news. She passed away. But why?! She lived! I can’t believe I lost a playmate, a cousin, a friend… You’re not supposed to be dead at nine years old! I just cried.

I had my period during her funeral. There’s a superstition that you should not go to a funeral if you have your period. Yes, I’m only 11 but I already have this irritating stuff. Anyways, I don’t really believe in superstition but I didn’t want to see her. This is the first time I lost someone close to me and I’m just afraid to look. In the end, I still did.

There she was…boyish Dianne. She was pretty and wearing a dress. Life is indeed short.


Just read Bridge to Terabithia this week and Leslie Burke reminded me of Dianne.



It’s Monday. And just before I get to sit on my desk, a co-teacher told me that one of the fourth year students passed away but she didn’t know who. Both of us are third year teachers so we felt nervous and curious who might it be. Then, our head teacher told us the name of the boy. It was Renzel. He was my student.

I wanted to cry. He was not the most responsible student but he was sweet. He was lazy but he was smart. I suddenly missed him. I heard it was a motorcycle accident. I heard he was drunk but we’re not sure of the real story yet. I went to my first class and my mind was still distracted by the news I just found out.

I shared to my students how I was feeling. Life is short and we really don’t know when it will end. I lost my grandparents and it was painful but somehow, I knew, that time will come. They would get older so I should accept it. It’s just hard to grasp when someone younger than you or someone your age dies. Some die because of sickness they are suffering for months or years but some die without even a warning.

In the afternoon, I saw one of his classmates from last year. He asked me if I already heard about Renzel and I said yes but I really didn’t know about the details. He told me that Renzel was not drunk but the driver of the tricycle was. The driver was Renzel’s friend and he was just asked to ride along and  they bumped into a bus.

I could see how he was teary-eyed. He said it’s hard to accept it as he was like a brother to him. This is 16-year-old boy I am talking to but he’s not ashamed to admit his pain. He told me how hurt he was when he saw his friend inside the coffin when they just had lunch together last Friday. I didn’t know how to comfort him but I told him I also feel the pain. Fifteen years ago, I lost a playmate. Three years ago, I also lost an old classmate. We just have to move on and be thankful that we met them.

Now, we just have to live our life to the fullest and appreciate the people around us. Life is short.


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>>>This is my response to Writing 101, Day Eighteen: Hone Your Point of View and Day Nineteen: Don’t Stop the Rockin’.
>>>Daily Prompt: Finite Creatures


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