I Don’t Want to Be a Yes Man Anymore

I just want to get this out of my chest…

There’s something I hate about myself. I’m gullible, I’m easily persuaded and sometimes, I just don’t know how to say no.

When a friend asks me a favor, I would definitely do it even though I have lots of things to do on my own. When someone needs to borrow or get something from me, I would give what that person needs even I need that, too. When someone sells or offers me something, I would buy it just because I can’t decline.Yes Man

Last week, I watched the movie Yes Man because I had an idea that it’s about a man (Jim Carey) who always say yes to everything and maybe I could relate. I didn’t know that he was just forced to do it after attending a seminar of some sort. This principle is about being adventurous and accepting the good things life has to offer although he kinda misunderstood the concept. Saying “yes” still depends on the situation. I do know when to say “no” but sometimes, it doesn’t get out of my mouth even if my brain says so.Β  That happened to me this week.

I was about to go home when a man approached me and my co-teacher. He told us that there’s a free eye check-up inside our admin office. I always wanted my eyes to be checked so we followed him right away. I knew there’s something wrong with my eyes since I was in college but the optometrists would always say they were still fine. Last Monday, it was finally confirmed that I have astigmatism and I need to wear eyeglasses.

Of course, they were prepared with the frames and lenses that I could choose from. They were here for business. I was still interested because I want my eyes treated. My co-teacher already left me because she was in a hurry so I was there alone with the female optometrist and her assistant. They were the ones suggesting what frame looks good on me since I really dunno what to choose for my chubby face.

Yes Man

I wish I could have just done this before I got into trouble.

Then, they suggested these glasses with subtle cat eye frames and I think they look better on me than the other ones I’ve tried. So, I asked how much they cost and it’s PhP4,600 ($115). Okay, so it’s way expensive than I expected. My father recently got new eyeglasses and it only cost PhP1,200 ($30). They told me that the reason it costs more is that their frames are all branded so I can use them for years and just replace the lenses. They have a point. I had no one to persuade me not to buy it so I asked them if I can think it over first then give them my decision the next day and I was left with it’s-now-or-never kind of situation. They even showed me that mine is even cheaper than the other teachers’ glasses because it has the lowest grade. Plus, I can pay it in installment. I felt like I had no way out so they won.

The next day, I told my co-teachers about what happened and I was already expecting negative reactions. I didn’t know that our head teacher already warned the teachers in the department not to get one because of the price. I was in class that time. πŸ˜₯ It was too late before I was able to process that:

  1. They are Chanel frames. Yes, the price is expensive but too cheap for this brand so I am really in doubt if this is genuine Chanel. Now, that I’ve already done my research, I think I got fooled. When they delivered them to me, I asked them if they are original and of course, they said they are and they would never ever sell fake signature brands. I just didn’t want to argue.
  2. The principal or the employees who let them inside the school would probably have commission. Thus, the price.
  3. The ones that I got are semi-rimless so I have to be careful not to drop them.

My older co-teachers comforted me by saying they have experienced the same before when they were younger. At least, these experiences will teach me how to be a smart buyer now. Hmm. Looking back since last year, I have already purchased things that I am now regretting. But I was ripped off again today and I still have to deal with it for the next three months.

Lesson Learned: When in doubt, NO! When your heart and mind says no, NO!
No means No.

The Bright Side: I can literally see clearly now. And again, I will pay it in installment. I took some (shameless) selfies to ease my pain…

My shamless #selfies 😭😭😭 #firsttime Ayoko na magpa-uto sa susunod. Haha. #YesManNoMore

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26 thoughts on “I Don’t Want to Be a Yes Man Anymore

  1. PP says:

    I’ve been in the same boat before…and it’s bad when you’re at least partially “fragile”. Recently, I got suckered into paying for a 3-year gym membership upfront for a very good price. This just means I gotta gym a lot hehehe!


  2. bagotilyo says:

    Guilty ako dito. But little by little I am learning to say “No”. At least laging may “lesson learned” . Ganun naman
    ang buhay , series of trial and errors πŸ™‚


  3. jacolev says:

    They look pretty, but if you don’t mind me saying this, when anyone ever say now or never, there’s always a catch to it. They need you, not the other way around, there are so many eye doctors around the world, that it would be them lucking out, not you! I never like being force into anything, never let someone take away your innate right to speak. πŸ˜‰


  4. aries84 says:

    I understand your problem: One feels so helpless in front of a doctor. They just throw some latin at you and you are lost, particularly when you try to argue with them because you think (Oh, what a blasphemy!) that you know more about your own body than they do.
    Anyway, the glasses look quite good on you and I hope you can see well with them.
    Chao hasta la prΓ³xima.


  5. caleeshandy says:

    I do hope it’s not a fake frame πŸ™‚ maybe you can try checking the price range of the brand in optical shops in the malls? my sister and I got branded glasses for the first time too and we’re doubting if they’re original ^__^ I think a shirt of the same brand will cost more than my glasses!


  6. nicobozza says:

    This article is written very well and I totally agree with you and I know how it is hard because I have been in not the same but a similar situation . May I ask you something ? I have just joined wordpress so if you have time try to read my articles and give me your opinion please. Thank you ! Hope to have a opinion from you soon


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