The Great 8: Reasons Why I Love Blogging

It’s been three months since I started blogging and I truly enjoy it! I started blogging as a result of my boring summer but I was never expecting that it will be this fun! Here are some reasons why blogging rocks.

1. I have an outlet for my emotions.FeelingsMy original purpose for blogging is to have an on-line diary where I can document and share what’s happening in my life. Whether I’m happy or upset, it just feels so good to let the words flow and speak my mind.

2. I learn. I love reading as much as I love writing. It’s amazing how I learn different things everyday from other bloggers. Besides that, everytime I post something, I tend to research on related articles. Sometimes, I end up with unrelated posts or sites but still, I wouldn’t hang in there if I’m not getting anything useful (or entertaining. Hehe).


This is how excited I get everytime I learn something.

3. Blogging buddies! This is really my favorite part of blogging: connecting with other people from different parts of the globe. It’s like the world is getting smaller. I love meeting new people and reading about what’s going on in their world.Blogging Buddies

4. I appreciate little things. Since I started blogging, I begin to notice things that I haven’t noticed much before like simple pleasures and thoughts.totallygoinginmyblog

5. I can practice and improve my skills.Β  I have also decided to start a blog because I was assigned to teach a Filipino subject. My major is English and still want to practice and improve it by writing. Through blogging, I also got interested to develop other skills such as graphic designing and photography.

6. It develops my self-esteem. I’m aware that I’m not much of a good writer but seeing some responses from my readers makes me feel that somehow, I can do this.Celebrate me

7. I have something to look back and forward to. Oh yeah! I’m a very sentimental person so it would be nice to look back on the things I’ve written about but it also makes me excited to see responses from my visitors each day and to achieve my goals.

8. I’ve got the power!i-ve-got-the-power-o

I got this idea from The Journal (Read: The Power of Blogging). I blog because it’s my hobby but beyond that, it gives me the power to influence, to heal or to inspire.


What do you love most about blogging?


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22 thoughts on “The Great 8: Reasons Why I Love Blogging

  1. Patsy says:

    Great post! I love to blog because, like yourself, it becomes my outlet for creativity. Sometimes I feel like I’m being challenged to do more things. I feel like I’ve become a little bit more adventurous because of blogging. I don’t know if other people feel the same way though. Lol.


  2. Kevil says:

    I feel the same way and I love how you said it! Let me know what you learn next (because I’m pretty sure I sound and look just like her when I learn something new too) πŸ˜‰


  3. Chelle says:

    Umm no6.. you’re aware you are not much of a good writer, sorry? I don’t agree with you! I love your writing style. Your list pretty much sums up why I love blogging to.


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