Life Soundtrack: Himig Handog P-Pop Love Songs 2014

I am skipping my Happy List this week not because nothing made me smile but because I’m just too busy with this quarter’s submission of grades (teacher stuff). Anywho, one of the things that I really enjoy this week is listening to Himig Handog 2014 finalists.

Himig Handog P-Pop Love Songs is a songwriting competition in the Philippines. I actually submitted two songs to be in the competition as I’m a frustrated songwriter. I was feeling excited after submitting those songs.

When they announced through Twitter that they would post the top 500 last May 5, I was waiting anxiously the whole day but results came out a few days after. Unfortunately, I didn’t even make it to the top 500. There were about 3,000 entries and it would be really hard to get in. If you’re curious, here’s one of the entries I submitted.

I wrote that song for my boyfriend two years ago. One of the reasons why I want to be in the top 12 is for my song to be produced. I got songs in my Soundcloud account recorded raw and usually with chicken sounds in the background. Haha. I don’t mind if someone else sings it as long as it will be in its best quality.

I felt sad and bitter after finding out the results that I lost interest in this contest…until, the top 15 songs were released! They are interpreted by different OPM artists from different genres. OPM stands for Original Pinoy Music and it needs more support from Filipinos.

I dunno why it’s very common for Filipino artists to sing covers rather than original songs. Anyways, the 3,000 entries I mentioned is a proof that OPM is indeed alive and this top 15 songs are all awesome but I have my favorites:

  1. Pumapag-ibig interpreted by Marion Aunor | Words & Music by Jungee Marcelo
  2. Simpleng Tulad Mo interpreted by Daniel Padilla | Words & Music by MJ Magno
  3. Everything Takes Time interpreted by Hazel Faith Dela Cruz | Words & Music by Hazel Faith Dela Cruz

So, this song was submitted and interpreted by the same person. I love this song because it has 90’s feel to it and the message is something I will sing to my female students. Haha. I’ll be sharing this because it’s in English and you might like it. 🙂

Listen to the whole playlist here. Some of my other favorites are Halik sa Hangin, Mahal Kita Pero and Walang Basagan ng Trip. If you’re from the Philippines, let’s keep OPM alive!


If you’re a Filipino reader, what’s your favorite on the the top 15 entries? 🙂


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