Mr. Robin Williams, Thank You for the Smiles!

Robin Willims Quote Wax's WorldWe still mourn over the death of one of the beloved actors of our generation. Being a 90’s kid, I felt like I just lost one of my childhood heroes. It’s also quite surprising to know that he had taken his own life. He made us happy with his movies but little did we know that he was struggling from depression.

There are a lot of posts I’ve seen all over the internet about him and I’m going to share some of my favorites:

    • 8 Wonderful Robin Williams Movies That Defined Your Childhood from Cosmopolitan. It’s embarrassing to say but I’ve only seen few of his films. The most memorable ones are Hook and Bicentennial Man which was not even on the list but touched me anyway. I was supposed to write this post last night but I ended up watching Aladdin instead. I swear, it’s my first time to watch this 1992 Disney animation and I was so entertained. I felt like I was a child again. I won’t get tired of watching this all over again but I regret I didn’t do so when I was younger. Robin Williams movie marathon this week!
    • Farewell to Robin Williams by Dante Basco. Hook is certainly one my favorite movies when I was kid. I could memorize the lines and scenes by heart. You remember the punk kid Rufio? I was wondering where he is now. Well, I found him here on WordPress as he shared his thoughts and memories about the man.
    • My Father, Robin Williams and, Me from Hello Giggles. This girl’s essay just touched me.
    • His Instagram Account. You might have seen already that his last IG post was an old picture of himself with his daughter Zelda. *the feels*Β  It’s also nice to browse the other photos he posted.
    • This old YouTube video. Look how happy he was.

Goodbye, genie! Thank you for the smiles!Genie

What’s your favorite Robin Wiliiams film? I’m having a marathon this week!


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