Confession: I Still Don’t Know How Harry Potter Ended.

HP Books...Yeah. I just said it so no spoilers, please!!! Haha.

I already mentioned before that I love Harry Potter books and movies but it’s a shame to say that I haven’t actually read the last book yet. From what I remember, I was in Chapter 12 when I stopped and maybe that was six or seven years ago. I’m not planning to watch the movies unless I finish the book.

I started reading HP when I was 14 so maybe 11 or 12 years ago. If I will read the last book, I might as well read it from the Sorcerer’s Stone. Hehe. Actually, I don’t own any Harry Potter books, I just borrowed them from my high school classmates so I’m also planning to purchase my own collection someday.

Looking back, I remember how I loved reading books. When I entered college and had a boyfriend, I stopped reading. Now, that I’m working, whenever I have free time, reading books would still not be on my list of things to do even though I want to read one. *sigh* I guess, I love to do a lot of things that I dunno what to do first.

Anyways, back to Harry Potter, I already have an idea on how some of the things ended but it’s still different reading them. So maybe, that’s in my bucket list? Haha.


Q1: Do you like how the Harry Potter series ended? 🙂

Q2: What book would you like to reread?


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32 thoughts on “Confession: I Still Don’t Know How Harry Potter Ended.

  1. LAUREN | LUCELUXE says:

    There are a lot of books that I don’t know the ending to but I can’t imagine not knowing what happened in Harry Potter!

    I do like how it ended but am not all too bothered about the flash forward chapter right at the end.

    I’ve actually just finished reading all of them bit could easily reread them again! I love HP.

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  2. kaygy says:

    Hello, I just wanted to let you know that I love your site. I opened your page and I went “damn I love this theme”. Oh and you’re not alone, I have actually never read a Harry potter book. If it counts, I did watch deathly hallows. Nice post though 🙂


  3. jdrakeca89 says:

    I had to see the movie twice to understand the ending but I got it right away when I actually read the book. Plus I was disappointed with the very end when their on the bridge they shoulda did something that was in the book but they didnt would have only taken literally 2 seconds of film time. But thats just being picky READ THE LAST BOOK ITS GREAT!!!!!
    I have read the entire series twice now and am on read # 3 I’ll eventualy finsh 3rd sometime.


    • Wannie says:

      Wow! I would really wait for that scene you’re talking about when I get to read the book. You really love HP, huh? Wish i could reread the whole series again like you do. 🙂


      • jdrakeca89 says:

        I had to literally set aside time right before I was going to bed to re read i haven’t done that recently but I’m trying to now. Its tough to read something for fun their is so much stuff to do you know.


      • jdrakeca89 says:

        MAJOR FAN! I’d love to see the 2 worlds they made for harry potter fans at universal studios Florida. Or go tour the sound stage in London where they filmed the movie and turned all the sets into a museum so you can walk onto set from all the movies!


  4. Louise says:

    I gave up before the end of Harry Potter as well, but remember enjoying the books. My current plan is to rediscover them with my kids. My eldest is almost 5, so I figure that time isn’t too far off…

    So you’re safe as far as spoiler alerts go with me on this front!


  5. abeautifulpatience1 says:

    I used to know how Harry Potter ended–it’s been so long, I don’t even remember! I admire your tenacity and desire to finish it before watching the film! Best of luck should you end up reading it! Once, Arianna Huffington said the best way to finish something is just by crossing it off your list. See here: So it is totally up to you whether you finish it or not! Whatever you decide, I wish you the best!


  6. abiblognathan says:

    Wow! I used to be one of those kids that waited in line on HP release day, but when I got the last book? I didn’t read it for 5 years, when I was 20. But it turned out to be my favourite book of all time – someone asked me why once, and actually I was going through depression when I read it so I said: reading all the pieces come together helped me put my own broken pieces back together. Hope that encourages you to read it!


  7. theblackace says:

    I LOVE them. I was very obsessed indeed around when HP6 and HP7 came out. I pretty much liked the ending but it was quite weird, and there is way too much packed into that last book. It is a lot darker than the ones before, but that’s befitting. I would reread either Chamber of Secrets or Deathly Hallows, even though that would be the third time rereading both.



      • theblackace says:

        Haha I guess I’m a pretty hardcore fan 😀 Sirius Black is actually my favourite character, but I don’t like the feel of the book. I’m guessing you haven’t watched the movies yet either.


      • theblackace says:

        Oh I see, yeah, best not to watch the movies first-it misses out loads of the book anyway. The feel suddenly got darker, and somehow for me it felt like it didn’t work-I know Chamber of Secrets was quite dark but it still had a kinda childish adventure about it, only laced with danger. Prisoner of Azkaban was almost too many bad things at once-Buckbeak almost dies, Sirius almost dies, we find out about Dementors, Pettirew escapes….not sure if I’m making sense, but I didn’t like the feel of it. But I think that was the best movie-they all looked perfect in it, and the casting was good as well.


      • Wannie says:

        Oooh. Now, I get what you mean. 🙂 It sounds like everything’s still fresh in your head. Hehe. I just remembered how I was already attached to the characters when I was reading it. Maybe, that’s why. 🙂 And it’s the first book I read before the movie. Thanks for your insights! 🙂


      • theblackace says:

        Haha it really is not fresh in my mind-it’s been 4 years since I reread it 😀 I am really attached to them still lol and that is also why I don’t like Order of the Phoenix, because Sirius dies 😦 You’re welcome, though I don’t think it was that insightful!


  8. gjoelfranco says:

    Here is how it ends…let’s end the suspense! Just kidding, I would never tell you…I did like the ending (kind of) but like someone said above, the epilogue was bleah…You should definitely finish it. Best books are 2,4,6 for me.


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