This Week’s Happy List: And They’re #Trending

It had been a hard week for me. I was so stressed finishing my students’ grades for first quarter (there had been a lot of changes in our system). And one of my churchmates who is also the mother of one of my bestfriends passed away. 😦 Despite these, there are still things that made me smile this last week.

1. #MakeUpTransformation. Well, they are all over my news feed. Hehe. Some of them are not funny anymore but if I really see the effort, especially the transition and the similarities in clothes and background, that would be a good one. One of my favorites is from Bogart the Explorer.

Behold! The power of make-up. #TransformationComplete

A post shared by Bogart the Explorer (@bogart_theexplorer) on

2. #ALSIceBucketChallenge. Another one that’s been flooding my news feed. To be honest, it has been my guilty pleasure watching celebrities take the challenge and it’s getting here now in the Philippines. This phenomenon spreads awareness on amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). Today, I have seen someone took the challenge who has been diagnosed with ALS. His name is Anthony Carbajal and his viral YouTube video led me to his blog. I have been more informed about the disease and it’s a good thing that it gets attention now. Let’s not forget the other organizations though. 🙂

3. Taylor Swift’s New Music Video: Shake it Off. I was not a big fan of Taylor Swift but after watching this video, I’m officially including her on my Girl Crush list. She’s just the cutest dancer ever! This might not be her usual sound but it works on her. It’s such a fun song and I love its message. Tay may speak for herself but we can totally relate with it, too. Whenever people say bad things about you, just shake it off!


What made you smile this week?


8 thoughts on “This Week’s Happy List: And They’re #Trending

  1. saremaj says:

    I absolutely love Taylor Swift – I think she’s the type of role model younger ones need! She’s not out getting wasted, taking drugs and walking around naked! She’s wicked! x


  2. amforte66 says:

    I love Taylor…and so do my daughters and a lot of my students. She is a great role model and her songs are so relatable. The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge? I resisted at first, but finally did this after being nominated for the third time! Great list…as usual! 🙂


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