Life Soundtrack: My Favorite Videoke Songs

Karaoke QueenFilipinos like me love to sing that you can see videoke machines everywhere (even in funerals). Here are some of my favorite tracks to sing. 🙂

1. Walking on Sunshine by Katrina & The Waves. This works like my opening song and I sing it even at night!

2. Crazy for You by Madonna. It’s just so sexy. Haha.

3. Buses and Trains by Bachelor Girl. This is my show-off song (you know, when I’m trying to impress other people.haha) but few people appreciate it because they don’t know it. If you know this, then you are so cool! It’s just one of the good songs back then.

4. Sway by Bic Runga.  I choose this song when I know that the people around me will be hearing me sing for the first time. It just suits the quality of my voice.

5. Stay (I  Missed You) by Lisa Loeb. Who doesn’t love singing this song?

6. I’ll Never Get Over You Getting Over Me by Exposé. Maybe it has something to do with the timbre of my voice or maybe I just like to pour out my emotions while singing. See picture above.

7. Part of Your World from The Little Mermaid. Because I feel like a Disney Princess when I sing this song. And this is much easier to sing than Let It Go. Haha.

8. Burn by Tina Arena. I know I can’t belt out diva songs and this is the closest I can get. Where’s Tina Arena now, by the way?


What’s your favorite song to sing in karaoke? Please share!


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2 thoughts on “Life Soundtrack: My Favorite Videoke Songs

  1. signorinamelrice says:

    I love Sway, too. Hahaha. But the one in the videoke machine is not quite good, I mean the instrumentals? Uhuh yeah.

    I’m liking Buses and Trains now. Thanks for promoting (?). Hahahah. 🙂
    Awesome post, Wan.

    ~ M


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