Life Soundtrack: We Will Never Say Bye Bye

This year, I have lost some people who are close to me including my father. I felt a different kind of pain, something I never felt before.

Bye Bye by Mariah Carey

I never knew I could hurt like this
And everyday life goes on like
“I wish I could talk to you for awhile”
Miss you but I try not to cry
As time goes by
And it’s true that you’ve reached a better place
Still I’d give the world to see your face
And I’m right here next to you
But it’s like you’re gone too soon
Now the hardest thing to do is say bye bye

It’s a tradition here in the Philippines to visit our deceased loved ones every first of November. This is the first year we went to the cemetery without my papang. This time, he’s the one we’re visiting. My grandparents are buried here, too. (Read: Grandma’s Girl)

My other relatives visited them, too. We brought some food so it's like a party. :)

My other relatives visited them, too. We brought some food so it’s like a party. ๐Ÿ™‚

Flowers for Papang...

Flowers for Papang…

My aunt brought this picture of my grandparents...

My aunt brought this picture of my grandparents…

This event is actually a big holiday here. You’ll see a lot of vendors everywhere selling food and other products including this headband.

These last two pictures are kind of unrelated just like some clips from Mariah Carey’s music video for the song. Haha. But seriously, I used to remember my grandparents (from both of my parents’ sides) everytime I hear it. And now, I feel this song more than ever.

This is for my peoples who just lost somebody and that means for everybody
Just lift your head to the sky ’cause we will never say bye bye

Have you lost someone? What do you do in memory of him/her?

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4 thoughts on “Life Soundtrack: We Will Never Say Bye Bye

  1. Kat says:

    It sounds like a nice but sad tradition. I’m sure it must have been hard, being the first visit without your father. Over the years I have seen something similar to this at cemeteries here and I never really understood what was going on. Now, I’m thinking that it might have been a tradition from a different country. It makes more sense now and I think it must be a comfort, to know that on this one day you will be visiting our loved ones who are gone.


  2. aries84 says:

    Dear Wax, I’m sorry to hear about your dad passing away. Even though I was then a small kid I still remember the awful sadness I felt when my grandfather died.It was greater than when my parents died because as a grown man I could face better the fact of the eternal wheel of life and death. It’d be terrible for me now if one of my children would die before me, and I hope it doesn’t happen. I’m so selfish that I even tell my dog that he should keep alive up to after my own bye, bye. ( He’s already 14 years old, but top fit) In people’s age I’m younger than him, so we’ll see. Chao, until next time JE del Solar


    • Wannie says:

      Thanks, Je! I understand that death is inevitable. It was just so unexpected. My father’s not sick and he’s only in his 60’s. It was painful for me. And yeah, I agree that it’s more painful for parents if they children die and I don’t think it’s selfish. Cheers!


  3. christinajavete says:

    Hi, Wax! I’m so sorry that I’m so late to writing you on the beautiful and meaningful post to you. I loved that you shared something so personal and I pray for you and your family. I love that in the Filipino tradition we stay in touch with our lost ones, through our faith and celebrations. Your father may be physically gone but he will always be with you spiritually. โค I hope you're well and I hope to see you post soon!


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