My Great 8: New Year Goals

new-year-goalWoohoo!!! Happy New Year to you all! As I’ve shared to you on my last post, 2014 has been a challenging year for me. There are still a few hours left before 2015 as I am writing this post and before I welcome the new year, let me just list down the things I want to achieve starting tomorrow!

1. Continue blogging. Yes, you heard it right. I am so glad that I get to start a blog this 2014 but after my father passed away, my momentum on blogging had stopped. I dunno. But now, I want to get back to the community and embrace my blog. I am planning to revamp my blog (and prolly change the name) this summer.

2. Learn more how to cook. There’s a possibility that I’ll get married this year. *oh yeah* So, this one’s a must. But I am also really loving to cook. I was just not able to try different recipes this past year.


I think the last time that I cooked was for my boyfriend’s birthday. I tried to make Yakisoba because he loves Japanese food. It’s not even delicious. Haha. Good thing, he’s at the other side of the world and not able to taste it. I still have time to practice. The pic on the right is a plate of cheese sticks.

3. Improve my music skills. The goal that I set last year was to record three songs every month: one cover, one collaboration and one original song. I only ended up with four songs in total. Being an an artist is my ultimate dream but I can’t even to do the small things to achieve it. Or probably, I can begin now with more realistic goals. Maybe just one song a month is enough. πŸ™‚ Here’s the last song I posted on Soundcloud which is a collaboration with my friend from Indonesia.

4. Watch more TV series and movies. I just missed a lot. Enough said.

5. Be more confident. I feel like I have some self-esteem problem. Haha. It’s kinda weird because I was never like this when I was younger. Anyways, I should stop being insecure and feel more beautiful.

6. Continue with my current diet and workout plans. It’s not much but I’m trying to eat healthy food and do some regular exercise and I feel better so far!

7. Catch up with friends! Since we moved to our new place, I started to be a homebody. And even on-line, I feel like I’m ignoring my friends. Time to bond with them again!

8. Get closer to God. This is my most important goal. In every trial I experienced the past year, God was always there to help me. But to be honest, those were the only times I get to talk to him… I should get back to taking my daily vitamins: reading the bible and praying.


What are your new year goals? Share it in the comments! πŸ™‚

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