First Happy List of 2015!

Woohoo! As I’ve said on my last post, I’m back on the blogging world! Just stayed home the whole week but tomorrow, I’ll have to face my students again. Anyways, here are the things that cheered me up this week.

1. My Mamang’s Macaroni Salad. The caption on this Instagram post should explained it. Oooh, I miss it already. I think I should practice with my food photography more. Can you spot the mess on this photo? Haha.


2. This Year’s No-Laughing Batsu Game. My boyfriend influenced me to love this. Haha. Gaki No Tsukai is a Japanese variety show. You can find some clips from their show on YouTube if you want to laugh. But their most popular episodes are the Batsu Games (Penalty Games). The no-laughing series started in 2003 and it is broadcasted during new year’s eve. So basically, they have to endure funny and ridiculous situations for almost 24 hours without laughing. If they do, they’ll get punished (a single strike on their butts). This year’s setting was a prison. The video came out but I haven’t watched it yet because I want to wait for the subs. I just want to share this because it makes me excited! My boyfriend, however, watches this even without subtitles. It’s that funny.Gaki Prison

3. On-Line Devotionals. If you have read my last post about my new year goals, goal #8 was to be closer to God. I wasn’t able to buy a devotional book before January 1 but have found on-line devotionals instead which I think is better because I have more options on whatever I need for the day. Two of the sites that I’ve been using are Our Daily Bread and Daily Hope with Rick Warren. I also created a private blog where I write down my reflections from the scripture that I’ve read.

4. Taylor Swift’s Gift-Giving Video. Watching/listening to TS is my latest guilty pleasure. Haha. I usually hate famous artists but I can’t help but think she’s adorable for being a normal person. I mean, unlike other female artists right now, she’s actually decent. She doesn’t have to wear those sexy clothes to be famous. Plus, I have downloaded her album and I really enjoyed listening to her voice memos. They are short sound clips on how she came up with some of her songs which is my kind of thing because I like to improve my songwriting skills. Sorry for talking too much. Here’s the video:


What made you smile this week? Share it!


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