Life Soundtrack: Start and Keep Moving

It’s the first week of the year and I see a lot of posts regarding new year goals (I have my own, too!). I have faith that we can all achieve them as long as we have our fuel. Please take time to listen to this song.

Fuel by Marit Larsen

The fuel to write
To burn, to stay alive
To stand and wait
It takes fuel to light the tiniest star, and fuel to start a fire
The fuel to win
To dare to keep the rhythm
The courage to trust
It takes fuel to take the leap, to keep the pace, to start the engines
I get it from you
I get it from you
It takes fuel to walk the line, to put one foot in front of the other
It takes fuel to turn the wheels, to keep the grace to still discover

I get it from you
I get it from you
I get it from you

Marit Larsen is one my favorite female artists and I’ve loved her since her M2M days. This song is so short but it’s amazing. Whatever we want to do, whatever we want to achieve, all we need is just that fuel to start and to keep moving. We may have different “fuels” in our lives. It can be a memory, an experience, a person or whatever motivates us to keep going.

For the past six months, I felt like I stopped moving. It started when my father passed away. For the first month, I was always crying and always thinking about him. Later on, I got better but I felt like I was not being productive. I was not in the mood to do anything. And that’s why I also stopped blogging.

I am so glad that it’s already 2015. I set my goals and hoping I’ll get back on track. God has always been my greatest source of fuel. He helps me and takes care of me in every challenge that I go through. He uses people to encourage me and to make me happy. This year, something BIG will happen to me *being positive* and that motivates me to improve myself and to be better in everything that I do.

What’s your fuel? Where do you get your motivation?

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8 thoughts on “Life Soundtrack: Start and Keep Moving

  1. riz says:

    Ahhh beautiful lyrics. Love love. πŸ™‚ Yeah, He’s also my fuel. Welcome back, didn’t realize you went through something really tough… 😦


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