What’s on My Desk?

Yesterday, I took a picture of my messy table. I was planning to post it on my Instagram but I ended with a different picture instead. When I checked the Daily Prompt today, it says to post about the last picture I have taken so here it is. I put some markings though so it won’t look like it’s a hidden-object game. Haha. Submission of grades was supposed to be three days from now. That’s why my table looks like this.

10928649_10205519019916527_876945668_n copy

What’s on Teacher Wax’s Desk?

A. My Class Schedule. I’m handling 11 sections and I meet them twice a week. The schedule was not easy to memorize since it’s different everyday. On Tuesdays, I only have three classes but on Wednesdays, I have six! That’s six hours of teaching!

B. My Laptop. I need this everyday. I use this from preparing lessons to calculating grades. It was shut down on this picture because I need to focus on checking first. I’ll be distracted if I turn it on.

C. Pile of Notebooks. It’s one of my requirements. I’m teaching Values Education in a public school. Sadly, they don’t have books for this subject. Photocopies are not allowed so I require them to copy notes (which takes time, by the way. 😦 ) At the end of each lesson, I ask them to write journal entries so they can express the things they have learned.

D. My Multi-Colored Pen. I just love the shades of this pen. (It’s not seen on the picture though!) I use this in checking my students’ outputs. I’m not a big fan of the red pen in checking!

E. Class Record. We can just actually record grades directly to the computer but I still prefer to write them first so I can encode grades easily.

F. Pencil Case. Besides pens, having a correction tape and a stapler inside my pencil case is a must.

G. Index Card. I dunno but there are still students who forget to write their names on their notebooks. While I’m still searching for the anonymous owners of these notebooks, I record their grades here.

H. Pile of Answer Sheets. The next grades I have to record will be from their tests.

I. Blue Clear Book. This is not supposed to be on my table but since it’s almost full, it’s getting harder to put it inside my drawer. I insert my certificates, test papers and other documents here.

J. Lesson Plan. That’s actually my old one. (I submit my current LP to my department head every Monday). I’m still using it for other note-taking purposes.

K. Post-It. Well, who doesn’t need it?

L. Random Stuff. I’m not sure if you can see everything but here are the things you can find on that upper right side of my table:

  • an empty bottle of Isopropyl Alcohol – Yes, I’m not throwing it yet. Well, it’s a small bottle. I can just refill it but I always forget. 🙂
  • a pen holder – with pens, ruler, scissors, candies and whatever stuff that fits in it
  • glue – I have bad handwriting. I type my lesson plan, print it out and stick it to my lesson plan (the big notebook -see letter J).
  • a small bowl, a mug and an eco-bottle – my cabinet is full so they’re on my table. Plus, I always use them.
  • Graham crackers – my snack
  • another pile of notebooks and worksheets – I’ve got loads of stuff to do.

M. A Student’s Project. Their project is to make anything out of recycled objects. This one is already late in submission so it’s the only one on my table. It’s a bottle of brandy with marbles (also known as jolens–a traditional game) inside.

Whoo! And I thought this is going to be a short post. Hehe.

It’s embarrassing to say but I can’t really maintain a neat table. Good thing, I just found out that I’m not alone. Even Mark Twain, Mark Zuckerburg, Steve Jobs and Albert Einstein have messy desks and it’s actually a sign of having a creative mind!

I am sure that I will clean this up once I’m finished with my grades but as days go by, I know it’ll end up messy again. Well, I’ll just listen to Einstein.

“If a cluttered desk a sign of a cluttered mind, then what are we to think of an empty desk?” -Einstein


What about you? What are your desk essentials? Share it in the comments! 🙂


6 thoughts on “What’s on My Desk?

  1. Eilene says:

    Values Education? As in building character? If yes, yay. Our school does that and I love it. It reinforces parents efforts who take the time to do this and helps the kids whose parents don’t.


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