Happy List: January Sounds

Was busy for the last few weeks but here I am again, sharing the things that made me smile for the month of January. For this post, I decided to just focus on some new music that I’ve been loving!

1. Love Me Like You Do by Ellie Goulding. This song is from the Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack. Not really excited about the film since I haven’t read the book. Would you recommend it? Oh well, one thing’s for sure, I love Ellie’s music. 🙂

2. Elastic Heart by Sia. It’s from another female artist that I admire.This video has been so controversial but Sia apologized to those who feel “triggered” by it. She said her intention was “to create some emotional content, not to upset anybody.” According to her, Maddie and Shia were playing the two warring Sia self states. It’s sad how some people see it as sexual rather than emotional.

3. Sugar by Maroon 5. How would you feel when Adam Levine and the rest of his band crash your wedding?  Watch the actual reactions of the brides featured in the video. The song also makes me wanna dance!

4. Just One of the Guys by Jenny Lewis. This one is not a new video but I just found out about it recently when my friend shared this on Facebook. Jenny Lewis is one of my fave vocalists but I’m not really up to date with her latest songs. This one caught my attention because Kristen Stewart, Anne Hathaway and Brie Larson were featured in the video. They were all dressed up as dudes and their “guy moves” are adorable! The song has a very bubbly and catchy tune but the lyrics have a deeper message about womanhood.

5. I Don’t Wanna Talk About It by Marit Larsen. I am so glad that she has a new album! When The Morning Comes was actually released last October but again, I just found out about it last week. Haha. I love soundtrippin’ with her new music!


What’s the song you’ve been loving all January? Share it in the comments!


3 thoughts on “Happy List: January Sounds

  1. theappreciationfactor says:

    Liked this list many I had not heard of scene. Also have not “heard” Sugar on my V album – so nice to get reacquainted with it via this video!

    My Favs that must make me get up and groove:
    We should Hang Out (NOTE!!: The bad is a little odd as is the video)

    And This AWESOME. MY COMPLETE FAV – Yes caps needed! 😉 Uptown Funk
    Takes some great riffs (or seems like it) from 80s early rap favs! (Think Morris Day & the Time, NewCleus’ Jam On it and Sugarhill gane) Plus Bruno is REALLY cute! Love how he gets his whole crew in to the songs. So talented!

    Great post!


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