Love Month Song: Darating Din

One of my new year goals is to record a song at least once a month. This February, I decided to share my original Tagalog song, “Darating Din”. I wrote this a year ago for Himig Handog P-Pop Love Songs 2014, a national songwriting competition, but sadly, I didn’t even get in to the Top 500. Haha. Talagang umasa ako?! I can also admit that the quality of the audio I submitted was not really good. I decided to record it again so I can share it to others.

The song was inspired by my friends who are in their 30s and are still single. I tried to imagine what I’d feel if I am in their shoes. The song involves a mix of these sentiments:

1. Annoyed. Because people just ask annoying questions or leave annoying comments on why a person is still single.

2. Pressured. Because the clock is ticking.

3. Contented. Because I see that my friends are still happy being single. 🙂

4. Hopeful. Like what the title says, it’s okay because that person will come to your life eventually.


Sorry to my English-speaking friends but that’s basically what the song is about. Maybe someday, I’ll try to translate the song in English but it just sounds so right in Tagalog because that’s how I exactly speak and it suits the mood perfectly. Thanks for reading/listening!


How’s Love Month treating you so far? Share it in the comments! 🙂


8 thoughts on “Love Month Song: Darating Din

  1. Deanna Sallao says:

    Hi there! I’m loveing your recent posts!

    I have also blogged about Being a Filipina and traveling (young and traveling) and also my advocacies being a travel blogger ( to stop the discrimination to Filipinos who loves and dreams to explore the world)

    Here’s the link –

    Share your stories and your thoughts. join the conversation and my advocacy while on the road.

    Hope to hear from you soon!

    Deanna Sallao ( )


  2. krispercb says:

    Daaaang 🙂 ang astiiigg. I write songs too, well, I like to think so, haha and it’ll be so cool if we could work on something, maybe? anywaaays, I’ll be reading your blogs and would stay in tune for more songs! I really liked it po. 😀 keep rocking!


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