Post-LDR: Relationship Goals

After five years of being in a long-distance relationship, we finally closed the distance and got married. We’re living the moment we were waiting for. Now, what’s next?


I can’t compare our relationship with most traditional couples who probably saved money for a big wedding or to buy a house, or who can’t wait to have a baby and build a family.  It’s on our list, too but when you came from LDR, your first priority was just closing the gap and be together for good. That doesn’t stop there though. A new chapter has just begun.

Here are some of our marriage goals (so far…) which you can include in your relationship goals, too.

1. Get to know each other more.

I’m pretty confident that I’ve known him a lot by now but we have only been together physically for four months and it’s the longest time we have been so far. Many things are new to us but fortunately, everything goes smoothly. When you start living with your partner, it’s given that you’ll know the person better. You’ll see all the good things and the bad things about each other including all that farts and the snoring but you are willing to accept them anyway. 🙂 Know what he loves and hates and you’ll have a happy relationship. If you think your SO has certain attitudes that need to be changed for the better, tell them honestly and vice versa. You will always have differences. Humble yourselves and learn to compromise.getting to know

2. Do activities Together.

Being away from each other, we had to be creative so we can do things “together” like eating dinner at the same time in front of the computer as a substitute for a dinner date or watching a movie on-line instead of a movie date. Now that we’re together, we can do those dates for real and it’s awesome. There are so many activities that we still want to do like play games, travel and other activities that a traditional couples would do.

|09.20.15| Feels like I'm in the Philippines. #birthdayweekend #roadtrip #Oregon

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Doing things not only together but also with other people. For my birthday celebration, we had a roadtrip to Portland, OR.

3. Be financially stable.

Being financially stable might have a different meaning to each of us so our personal goals might be a little different but I know we are all hoping to live a comfortable life. As I’m writing this, I am currently unemployed because I’m still waiting for my work permit and my green card. I still want to pursue my teaching career but there are more steps to take before I can do that. Basically, my husband and I both plan to take some units from our fields of interest so we can get our dream jobs. If we can’t get there yet, as long as our jobs can provide our needs (and some wants :P), then we’re good. 🙂Ellie Carl Saving

4. Build a family.

Of course, it’s on our list! 🙂 But since we were deprived of physical connection for five years, we feel like we are still enjoying the boyfriend-girlfriend phase until now. If time is of the essence in your case, then there’s no problem with that. If God will give us a mini-me or a mini-him earlier than we plan, then we won’t consider it as a burden but a blessing. 🙂

cute baby

5. Stay Committed.

Once you closed the gap, that doesn’t stop there. We should prove that a product of a long-distance relationship really works, that your time apart was just really short compared to the rest of your lives together. I hope it will all work for all of us.

Ellie kisses Carl

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What are your hopes or goals for your relationship? Share it in the comments. 🙂

Note: This post is written as a response to the the Blogging Prompt: Hopes from LDRBlogs.
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