Is On-line Romance Possible?

A lot of people question the possibility of on-line romance. They’re like, “How can you fall in-love with someone you haven’t seen in person? How does your relationship work without intimacy? How can you be sure your partner is being honest with you?”


Well, the answer is… you’ll only know about it when you’re already in that situation. I can say that it’s possible because I have been there and I’m now married with the person I met on-line. But to be honest, I would probably doubt it, too if I haven’t experienced it. Although a success story like mine can be a proof that on-line romance can lead to forever. ❤

When I started blogging, I published posts about my long-distance relationship story.

I was able to use these articles as evidences of our relationship for my Visa paperwork so my then-fiance -now-husband can petition for me as his fiance and bring me to the United States with him and marry me.

Now I’m here in the US, married and still working my Adjustment of Status paperwork. While I was looking through some of our previous papers, I found a letter written by my husband to USCIS. It’s his version of our love story. I’m gonna share them with you but will edit parts of it to keep some private information.


To whom it may concern,

I am Marte, 29 years old and a US citizen who migrated to the United States in 2002. Wannie is my fiance whom I would want to bring to the US to marry so we can live together as husband and wife in one roof and spend our lives together until we grow old.

I met Wannie on-line through a chatroom in the year 2002. I just migrated from the Philippines and at that time, I was looking for some acquaintances on the internet. I got interested when I found out that she was a Filipino like me. We started our relationship as friends just keeping in touch with each other every now and then. We maintained that kind of relationship for eight years.

In 2010, everything changed. It was the first time we talked over the phone and I heard her voice. For the eight years that I have known her, we just communicated through on-line chat and we never really heard each other’s voice nor have seen each other except through pictures. After a few months of exchanging calls and video chatting, we both fell in-love with each other and started to have a more serious relationship.

We communicate everyday through Skype, phone calls, or texts. The constant communication has helped us keep the relationship strong. We laugh and tease each other and have our special moments just by video chatting.

In 2012, I finally had the chance to travel to the Philippines and meet her. The whole time that I was there, we were together day and night, not wasting any minute knowing it will not last forever. It was the first time we were making memories together physically and not just through the internet. It was the best time of my life, just enjoying every moment with her. Then, it was time for me to fly back in the US. It was heart-breaking knowing it will take a long time before I can see her again in person.Marte and Wannie

After a few months of being back home in the US and just seeing her in the video chat, I decided I have to make plans for our future so that we can be together physically. I also know in my heart that this is the woman whom I want to marry and spend the rest of my life with. I started discussing my plans with her and my intention to marry her. She was so excited and happily accepted my proposal.


So here I am right now, hoping and praying that my petition be granted so that I can marry Wannie and call her my wife. Thank you.

Sincerely yours,



So first of all, I was so kilig when I read this. Haha. I didn’t expect that somehow, he shared his feelings on the letter. I just thought he wrote a letter of how we met. But compared to my versions, his was straight to the point. Mine was extended to three posts and written dramatically. Haha.

Anyways, back to the question, “Is On-line Romance Possible?”… My answer will always be yes. But it’s not for everyone. I believe that our love stories were all written differently. If you found yourself falling in-love with someone you met on the internet and you see that that person feels the same way, too… Don’t be afraid. Sometimes, you really have to take risks and who knows? He or she might be worth it. And you can also test yourself how far you’ll go for love.

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Don’t forget to smile.



This post was written as a response to blogging prompt: POV: How We First Met
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11 thoughts on “Is On-line Romance Possible?

  1. Bummy LDR Couple says:

    Aw this is cute! I love the word kilig- there’s definitely no English word equivalent to it. My stepmom has her own immigration consulting business where I worked at once for the summer. I saw a lot of USCIS letters like this that I thought were really sweet!
    It’s nice seeing other couples who met online and have closed the distance. Gives me hope for my LDR 🙂


    • Wannie says:

      Aww! Yeah! I think it’s more nakaka-kilig (I really prefer that term) whenever boys share their version of the story. 🙂 Girls are usually more sentimental so if it comes from a guy, it’s sounds so cute.


  2. hoshi says:

    i think you’re love story is unique and wow 8 years then 14 years old ka nagstart dito? wow talaga.

    i don’t know kung kaya ko ito or possible for me. but you know is love finds its way online or offline. it’s nice to know your love story.


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