The Great 8: Female Artists I’d Love to Meet

Yesterday, I met the one and only Sara Bareilles. She’s the no. 1 on my list of artists I’d love to meet (although I said in this post that it’s not in particular order. Hehe) I’m still in heaven right now.

Sparks and Sounds

Gurls rule! I love listening to female singers and I want to share with you the top 8 (not in particular order) artists that I would love to meet… and maybe collaborate with?! Shall I put this on my bucket list?

1. Sara Bareilles

Why I Love Her: She’s so freakin’ talented! She is an amazing singer who can sing with a mellow voice but can also be a diva. She’s an exceptional songwriter, too. For me, she’s an underrated artist and she deserves a Grammy!
First Song to Catch My Attention:
  Love Song but it was already 2011 when I discovered how great she truly is.
Memorable Moment with Her Music:
1.) My “dark ages” had begun during the time when Love Song was always played on the radio and it was a very appropriate song 2.) Her album Kaleidoscope Heart was one of the first albums I’ve…

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