Photo Diary: Washington Roadtrip

Roadtrip Date: August 15, 2015

Last August, my family and I had a roadtrip around Washington as a part of my soon-to-be brother-in-law’s birthday. It was fun for me because I consider it as my first ever roadtrip outside Seattle. During that time, I never thought of posting it on my blog so my pictures are not that good. But hey. since most views are still beautiful, I think you can still appreciate these places and maybe plan to go there. too. 🙂

Cascadian Farm

Our first stop was the Roadside Stand of Cascadian Farm, a grower, manufacturer, and distributor of organic products since 1972. I couldn’t remember why we didn’t have the farm tour. Maybe it’s because it was raining? Anyways, the view by the road was still nice. We just took some pictures and bought some snacks from the store. 🙂


The Roadside Stand where you can buy some snacks and coffee.


Selfie with hubby.

20150815_090933 20150815_091102

Diablo Lake

Then, we headed on to one of the most beautiful lakes I have ever seen, Diablo Lake. It kinda sounds ironic, right? Haha. Well, it is a man-made reservoir in the North Cascades. We went first on the shore.

20150815_100048 20150815_101108

Afterwards, we went straight to the park where you can view the lake from the top and appreciate it’s emerald hue.




It was already lunchtime and we brought some rice and adobo to eat. There was a park by the roadside with tables and benches  just right for what we needed. However, after preparing everything, we realized that there’s something missing. We forgot the adobo at home! So we just decided to eat at a restaurant on our next destination. As we travel there, my sister-in-law said that we were almost running out of gas and and the next gas station was not too close. We were all quiet and there was tension inside the car. God was still good because we found a gas station just in time! We were celebrating! Haha.

We stopped by at Winthrop, a town at Okanogan County with a Wild Wild West vibe. We ate at a Mexican resturant and walked around the town afterwards. We found a homemade ice cream store and eat some for dessert. Yum! Sorry, I was enjoying too much that I wasn’t able to take a some good pictures. You can Google some though. 🙂 Everything here is Rodeo and Cowboy themed.20150815_12305620150815_122845


We took a different route on the way home to visit the City of Leavenworth, also known as “The Bavarian Village”. They say that  this is Germany in Washington. There are also many stores and restaurants that you can visit here. One more thing I enjoyed was the folk band performing Polka music for the people.20150815_173027

I know. Searching Google for better photos is a good idea. Haha. Anyways, I just want to document the places I have visited so far here on my blog and share them with you. So there ya go.

More from Seattle

Date: October 18, 2015

Speaking of documenting and sharing… Last Monday, I also got to visit Seattle Center and went to Chihuly Garden and Glass. It was my first time there and all I can say is it’s beautiful. The whole place is such an amazing work of art. I’m just going to share some of the pics.




I want to see the garden at night, too. Just imagine these glass light up!

It was also my first time going up the Space Needle!

Hello, Seattle. #firsttime

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I know that there are still a lot of beautiful places in Washington that I haven’t seen yet. Well, until next time…

What was the last place you have traveled to? Share it in the comments!



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