8 Questions with Christie: The LDR Blogger

Hello, lovely people! I’m so excited because this is my first ever interview post! As a blogger, I also want to feature others and their blogs so we can learn something from their lives. 🙂

Meet Christie


Christie writes about her current long-distance relationship on her blog at Extra Postage Needed. As a matter of fact, I met her through the Long Distance Relationship Blogging Network. Being one of her followers, I found out that she has a degree in Applied Mathematical Sciences and has a variety of hobbies like reading, watching sports, running, and cooking. She’s awesome, right?

Her LDR Story

She lives in the USA and met her boyfriend, Jay, at the orientation in their university in May 2010. They became really good friends and started dating after two years. However, after their graduation in 2014, Jay left for Australia to be with his family. His dad had accepted a 3-year contract to work there. Jay spent a year there before moving back to his home country of the Netherlands for graduate school in August 2015.


The Interview

1. You have a blog about your long-distance relationship. How does blogging help you deal with it?
Christie: I started blogging when the distance started, as a way to cope with my feelings. Now I continue to blog for that reason and to help other people see the positive aspects of a LDR. It helps me feel better about my relationship when I’m able to give other people advice on how to cope with the tensions that can come with distance. I love helping people and sharing my experiences.

2. In LDR, there will be many who will judge or discourage you. How do you handle them?
Christie: Depending on who the person is, I may simply ignore their comments. I have a good friend who actually had a heart-to-heart with me telling me that I deserve better and that Jay leaving wasn’t fair to me. I listened to everything he had to say and then thanked him for the concern, but in my head I was thinking about how it’s not like that. Other times I’ll just tell people that it’s really not as bad as they make it seem. Not everyone is cut out for a LDR, but Jay and I have really made the best of it.

3. What are the perks of being in a long-distance relationship? Share them.
Christie: I love this question. Too often people focus on the stigma of a LDR and they rarely highlight the positive points. When Jay initially left, I had just moved into my first apartment and started my first job out of college. I was living in a new place and just getting my footing when he left. The distance really helped me blossom as an individual, branching out to meet new people and really start my career. When I come home from work I can share my day with Jay on Skype and still have that love and support you expect from any partner. It’s really the best of both worlds.

4. What made you realize that he’s ”the one” even though you’re miles apart?
Christie: Since Jay and I knew each other for a long time before the distance, we already had a really strong bond between us. I think what really tells me he’s worth the distance is the fact that I can’t go 1 hour in any day without him crossing my mind. As soon as something eventful happens I want to share it with him. He’s seen me at my worst and my best and he still loves me. We’ve just been through so much together that we’re really just a part of each other and I’m not willing to give away a piece of me.

Australia Vacation 360

5. What is your favorite on-line activity with your S/O?
Christie: Jay and I don’t play too many online games, but we do like one that I think is called Seven Degrees of Separation. You start on the Wikipedia page for a certain thing and your goal is to get to another specific Wikipedia page faster than the other person just by clicking within Wikipedia. It’s really fun to try and think of the most challenging pages and race each other to find the other page!

6. How do you plan to close the distance? (Are you moving with him or is he moving with you?)
Christie: Currently I am looking for jobs in the Netherlands. It’s a difficult process since I’m not a citizen of the EU. Neither of us are opposed to moving to each other, we just want to ensure there’s a little bit of job security. Once Jay graduates, in about a year, we will hopefully have a better idea of who is moving where.

7. How does being in LDR improve you as a person?
Christie: I think my LDR really has taught me ”not to sweat the small stuff.” Now I realize that very few things are worth getting really upset over and this has helped me become a much more positive person. When I’m happier I perform better at work and am just a lot more fun. I’ve also become more independent without Jay here and open-minded about what the future holds for me and for us.

8. What advice or words of encouragement can you give to others who are also in the same situation as you?
Christie: My biggest piece of advice for people in a LDR is to communicate clearly with your SO. Make sure you get it all in the open to begin with so there aren’t any surprises later. It’s also really important to know that a LDR is not for everyone. Be honest with yourself and each other to see if it really is a viable option for you. Most importantly, try to stay positive. Optimism can change the situation entirely and greatly improve your life.

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My Thoughts

Even though I had been in a long-distance relationship like Christie, it’s always nice to hear a different story from others. Being in this kind of relationship is not easy but we know how it makes us better in different aspects. Christie and Jay is just one of the LDR couples who are doing great and I can tell you there’s a lot more. (We even have our own community here!) So there ya go. Until next time!

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