MM3: December Goals

New month means new set of goals. 🙂 But before that, let’s see how it went last month…

Previous GOALS


RECORD A SONG. Achieved.

Woohoo! One Saturday, I had a chance to finally do this. I wasn’t able to edit it but I think it still turned out good. I really had to do this though because I needed to send it to my friend who used to be my co-teacher. This was  the high school graduation song of Batch 2011 of our school. He wrote the lyrics and I composed the music. They are planning to record this with full production and release an album including two other songs I composed for the school. I’m excited to hear it. 🙂


HAVE AT LEAST 10 NEW FOLLOWERS. Not yet achieved.

I gained 3 out of 10. This means I still have to work on engaging with readers and other  bloggers. I am aware that I hardly have time to do blog-related stuff. But I miss it. So, maybe I’ll work on time management first.



I don’t have that “close friend” yet at work but I can now say that I’m starting to reach out other people. During my first week in school (I work in a preschool), I eat my cold lunch alone in the classroom instead of the teachers’ lunch room. I just felt shy to be with other people. But now, I enjoy my lunch time because I get to talk non-work-related stuff with some of my co-workers.



This goal is from LDRBN. I hope I can still do this soon.

December Goals


Have a daily “quiet time” with the Lord.

I used to have a daily devotion time every morning after eating breakfast. Now that I got a job, I’m always in a hurry going to work and I feel tired already when I get home that I just want to sleep after dinner. Having time with the Lord is important for me. So, my goal is to have time to talk to him within the day when I’m alone and also read and meditate on His word.


HAVE AT LEAST 15 minutes of blogging time in a day.

I will really set a timer on this so I can really have time.  I can either work on a post, read and comment on other posts or just be active in blogging communities such as LDRBN.


Treat my husband on a date.

I already had my first paycheck but I haven’t spent for a date yet. Hmm. I’m excited for this. 🙂


 What are your goals this month? Share it in the comments! 



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