Post-LDR: First Christmas Together

Christmas season is always my favorite time of the year. This is the moment I get to have a break from school, receive Christmas bonus and buy gifts for my loved ones. This also means parties at work and at home. But above all that, it reminds me of how my Savior was born. He’s the reason for the season! But sometimes, I can’t help but feel lonely when I don’t get to celebrate it with my loved ones. For the past five years, I had been longing to be with my LDR boyfriend. This year, we’re finally together as husband and wife and it’s so awesome being able to celebrate it together!

Here are the highlights of this year’s Christmas and New Year’s Celebration with my hubby…

First Winter

I’m from the Philippines so this whole Winter thing is new to me. I’ve been sick for a month and later on found out that it’s the allergy from the cold. One thing about me is that I easily get cold so it’s indeed a challenge for me. One time, it snowed for a little bit but it’s wet so it never really stuck to the ground. Everyone though was excited for me. My hubby even phoned me from work and told me to take a picture with the snow. It’s funny because I was never really excited about it because I hate getting cold. Okay, so I was a little excited about and still interested to see real snow but I still hate the feeling of getting cold. Haha. (Okay, this part wasn’t really Christmas-related… Just sharing… Haha)

Parties with the Fambam

Just like in the Philippines, we had Noche Buena at Christmas Eve and Media Noche at New Year’s Eve. It’s cool how my husband’s family has really good relationship with each other. It’s actually almost every week that we have get-together at home including other family friends. I miss my own family in the Philippines but having a family like them here makes me feel better. I’m blessed that God has put with me good people.

Merry Christmas from us. 🙂 #Christmas2015

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So for the past five years of my relationship with Marte, I haven’t given him a real gift yet. I wrote songs for him or sent him cards as “gifts” but for me, it’s not counted. I really wanted to buy him something but the shipping was always expensive for me. Finally, now that I have a job here, I could give him something that he likes.

My hubby collects robots, video games and other toys for big boys. His favorite game is The Witcher and he wasn’t able to purchase the collector’s edition of The Witcher: Wild Hunt (which is the game of the year, by the way) because we needed to spend a lot for my petition papers before. So, that’s what I bought for him. The package was delivered to our house two days after but was addressed to my sister-in-law. He had no idea what’s inside but would often tease me that he felt like it’s my gift for him. He was really trying to catch me but I just pretended to be annoyed. When Christmas Eve came, I gave him something else: a Batman Robe. He still kissed me and thanked me. I had to wait a little bit more to surprise him with my gift just like the Miss Universe 2015 scene.

Meanwhile, this is what he gave me.


I already knew that he would give me a turntable but I was really really surprise with the Sara vinyl. I really wanted it to be my first vinyl but it was a 2010 album and the only one we can see on-line is worth $800. I already accepted that it’s not gonna happen so I was almost in tears (Okay, I cried a little) when I saw it. I didn’t want him to spend a lot for a vinyl but he said, he was constantly checking it on-line until he got one in much lower price. It was really sweet of him… I couldn’t contain my kilig.

So after everyone’s done with exchanging gifts, I gave him the big box and I could see his excitement. It really felt good seeing him happy with what I gave him. 🙂

Kiss at the First Minute

This is what I posted last year.


They were all wearing onesies during NYE and I could remember how we were talking on Skype during their countdown. He was so excited because 2015 would be a big year for us. One year after, we’re now together at the party. This time, the theme was Star Wars!

|01.01.16| May the force be with you this 2016! #newyear2016 #kyloren #rey

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Before, I was just imagining spending these special occasions with him. But now, we get to hug and kiss each other when the clock strikes midnight. Five Christmases without him by my side but now…

No More Christmases Apart

I heard this song from the Acoustic Christmas playlist of Spotify and I can definitely relate with the chorus.

All My Christmases-smaller


If you’re in a long-distance relationship right now, just hold on! Time will come when you can be in his/her arms during Christmas! 🙂


How about you? How did you spend your Christmas and New Year? Share it in the comments! 🙂


This post was inspired by the LDRBN prompt: Winter Wishes
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7 thoughts on “Post-LDR: First Christmas Together

  1. Aayusi says:

    Glad that you enjoyed your first ever Christmas with your husband !!! Indeed a remarkable feeling eh! Mine was a subtle celebration with family indoors ! Wish u a happy new yr 🙂


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