MM3: New Year Edition

Happy New Year, y’all! Time goes by so fast that it’s already 2016! This month, instead of sharing my goals for the month, I’m going to share my goals for this year! šŸ™‚ Let me be honest though, I haven’t really achieved my goals last month yet so instead of sounding like a failure (haha), I’m going to review my goals last year and check how I did. You can read my last year’s goals here.

2015 Goals

1. Continue blogging. Achieved.

Yay! I mean, I know I’m still not able to blog as much as I want to but I definitely got back to blogging. I was able to give my blog a new look and a new name and also bought my own domain for it. Not only that, I created new Instagram and Twitter accounts for it, too. Another amazing thing that happened to my blogging life is discovering the Long-Distance Relationship Blogging Network where I met other awesome LDR bloggers. It’s really fun being part of this community.

2. Learn more how to cook. Achieved.

I learned to cook new dishes during the time that I haven’t worked here yet in America. Since everyone else was working during the day, they asked me to cook diner for the family. At first I felt embarrassed because I know I’m not as good as my hubby’s sister but trying new dishes actually helped me improve my cooking skills. I’m also starting to learn baking. šŸ™‚

First time making this with no assistance. Haha. #achievement #chickencreamcheesebiscuit

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3. Improve my music skills. Not yet achieved.

Yep. I wasn’t able to record at least one song each month. I think I just need an alone time to be able to write new songs again and record them… Hmm. Let’s see…

4. Watch more TV series and movies. Achieved.

Now that I’m living with people who like watching movies and TV series, it’s not hard to achieve this goal anymore. Everytime a big movie comes out, we watch it in the movie house as a family which is cool. I also had to marathon sequels and trilogies before watching the new ones like The Terminator, Mission Impossible and Star Wars. Haha.

5. Be more confident. Achieved.

Not really that confident but I feel like I just don’t care anymore on what other people might say about me. I just gained 9 pounds since I got here in America and I’ll try to lose some of it again but if not, oh well, I still feel confidently beautiful like the new Miss Universe.

6. Continue with my current diet and workout plans. Achieved and then not achieved. Haha.

I got it at the first half of the year. I was so motivated before seeing my SO again. When I got here in America, I wasn’t able to continue it anymore but I still try sometimes. Hopefully, I’m gonna live a healthier lifestyle this year!

7. Catch up with friends! Achieved.

Before I left my home country, I was able to hang-out with my friends. The best one was when we had a three-day roadtrip with my bestfriends in Ilocos. Now that I’m far away from them, I catch up through Facebook and Skype.


8. Get closer to God. Acheived.

I know He’s always close to me but I also know that I still need to give Him more attention than what I’m already doing.

2016 Goals

#1: Self Goal

Learn how to drive (and other things).

I’m already living in America and driving is much more convenient going to other places. I’m currently taking the bus going to work but I’m hoping to learn how to drive this year. If I could learn more things other than driving then that’sĀ  better. šŸ™‚

#2: Blog Goal

Double the number of my followers.

Currently, I have 357 followers. I want to share more smiles with other people and with that, I also want to write better content.

#3: Relationship Goal

Travel with hubby.

I know it will take more time to be able to travel in other countries but this year, my hubby and I are planning to go to a different state at least for our anniversary. Woohoo! Excited for that.

I have 12 months to achieve these goals and I hopefully, I can make it!

What are your goals for the year? Share them in the comments!



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