MMI: Make Someone Smile Today

This week’s music inspiration is Fight Song by Rachel Platten.

One day, I just randomly played music on Spotify while riding the bus on my way to school. I’ve heard this song before and I know its message is positive but it’s the first time that I heard its verses clearly and these lines struck me.

Fight Song

It kinda reminds me of Fuel by Marit Larsen. A small thing can create a big impact. A simple gesture can change someone’s life. Just a little motivation can help you keep moving. This is my challenge for you today (and to myself): make someone smile today by saying nice and kind words. You might not know what they’re going through but it can make a difference. If you are down yourself, think of a happy thought. I know you are strong. You can overcome it. 🙂


How can you make someone smile today? Share it in the comments! 🙂


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