5 Reasons Why Blogging is Helpful in LDR

I was in LDR for five years. I never thought of blogging about it til my fourth year of relationship. I never even intended to start a blog about LDR alone. My purpose for blogging is to connect with other people around the world and share the things about me that they’ll probably not care about. Haha. I know. (Read my first ever post here.)

I enjoy blogging in so many different ways. And I will recommend it to everyone who thinks Facebook and Twitter are just not the right places to share whatever he/she wants to share. 😛 Specifically, I think blogging is helpful to people who are in LDR. Here are some reasons:

1. You have an outlet for your emotions.

This is exactly what I’ve written first for my article The Great 8: Reasons Why I Love Blogging. Yes, I know you have friends and other loved ones that you might love talking to about your LDR but let’s face it, sometimes it’s just not enough for you. Hehe. Sometimes your happiness is just overflowing or sometimes you just need to let out your frustration more. I believe blogging is therapeutic . Just be careful with what you share though. Know your limitations. 🙂


2.You meet others in LDR.

When you get into LDR, you were afraid that other people might judge you because this kind of relationship just isn’t normal. That’s where you’re wrong. Tons of couples all over the world are going through the same thing as you and what’s cooler? A lot of them are on the internet and ready to encourage you.

Wanna join a community of LDR bloggers? Visit this awesome website: LDRBlogs.com and write my name as your referrer. 🙂

badge21-156x1573. You can document the milestones of your relationship.

I only started blogging about LDR in 2014 but it still feels amazing to look back at my old posts. I blogged about how it all began, the challenges we overcame, the first time we met personally, our wedding and still updating about my  Post-LDR life. Documenting them will also inspire and encourage others who are in the same situation. 🙂

4. It’s a way of getting to know each other (or the blogger) more.

I remember when my then-boyfriend-now-hubby used to check my blog everyday if I post something new. Not everything I post was about our relationship. I also used to blog about my childhood, my favorite things, my family and friends and my work. I talked to him a lot but he also loved to know what I wrote.


5. It can help you pass the time.

Blogging can be addicting. It’s up to you how you’ll manage your time in between blogging and communicating with your SO. But it’s one of the ways to pass the time while waiting for that time you’ll be together again.

How does blogging help you personally? Share it in the comments!

This post was inspired by the LDRBN prompt: Blogging

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