Then and Now: LDR Dates vs. Post-LDR Dates

Distance is such a challenge in keeping a relationship fun but I don’t think it’s a hindrance. Having been in a long-distance relationship for five years, I can say that it’s not really easy but you can still find ways to do something together even when you’re not physically together. Here are some ways we used to “date” and how we do it now that we’re already married and physically together. 🙂

Lunch/Dinner Date

  • Then: It usually happened during my lunch/his dinner or my dinner/his midnight snack. We just simply ate at the same time. I usually ate with my family but if I had a date with Marte, I would ask my parents’ permission of I could eat in my room because we’re on a date. Haha. Anyways, sometimes we would eat the same food such as Tocino, Lucky Me! Pancit Canton or McDonald’s (can’t remember if we were really able to try McDo).
  • Now: We just simply eat out. He likes Sushi so I notice that our usual dates are in Japanese restaurants. We also like Korean food. Anyways, of course, it’s nicer now because we can really share our food and I get to know his taste buds better. Haha.

We're not stuck at home after all.

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Playing Games

  • Then: We tried playing different sorts of games. We played Y! Messenger and Skype Games (can’t remember the names of the games though), Facebook games (Words with Friends, Draw Something, Tetris) and on-line board games (Taboo). He also had this application called Steam on my computer and he would buy me games on it that we can play together. My favorite though was when we played a 2D survival game called Terraria where we’re in the same world building our own house and weapons to protect ourselves with zombies and other bad creatures. I always die in this game though. Haha. But it’s fun because I like to dig and explore and also enjoyed the fact that he would always try to protect me.

|01.10.15| Solving puzzles all day with Marte. #LDR #ProfessorLayton

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We also like puzzle games. We played this game at the same time following the same walkthrough. We would also sometimes share screens on Skype.

  • Now: My hubby is a gamer and I feel like he loves me even more when I try to play his favorite games. Hehe. He just bought me a new laptop so I can play League of Legends (LoL). I’m just starting to learn it and once I’m ready, we’ll play it together. I also played Final Fantasy VII on his PS Vita just because he is so excited about the remake that I want to be able to feel the excitement, too. Hehe. We also get to play board games, party games and PS3/4 games with others which is really cool. My favorite game to play with him so far though is this card game called Force of Will. It’s like Magic cards or Yu-Gi-Oh! but the art is really awesome. 🙂

New sets of cards. Who plays #ForceofWill besides me and Marte? #naimpluwensiyahanlang hihi

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Watching Movies

  • Then: We would download the same film and play it at the same time. We would count, “1-2-3” then press play. If I needed a bathroom break, then it would be “1-2-3-pause”.  Haha. We would also sometimes share screens if my internet connection is good. Hehe.
  • Now: Watching movies in the movie house or watching at home while cuddling. :)))

The theater is ours. #firstdate

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  • Then: I know this is not really a date or an activity but I think it helped us got closer. So one of the sweetest things he would always do for me is to stay up until I get home which is about 2-5 a.m, his time. Once we talked about our day and all that, he would sleep. Then I would later sleep, too. The Skype video call is open until the next morning I go to work. Sometimes he’s still sleeping when I wake up but sometimes, he’s already offline because he had gone to work.

#Everynight #LDR

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  • Now: We sleep beside each other, rubbing backs, etc. 🙂


  • Then: This is not really a date, but I tried to learn how to cook his favorite foods. After that, I would take a picture of it and send it to him. Since I was good in taking pictures with filter (haha), he would crave for it and share the photos on his Facebook account. I felt like I just cooked for him.


  • Now: I can really cook for him. Even though he’s kinda picky, he would still eat it. His sister and dad are really good cooks so it’s hard to match them since I’m just a beginner. Haha. Besides “real food”, I also serve him instant or microwavable foods and sandwiches for breakfast or snack and he always appreciates it whenever I do it for him especially when I wake up so early before he goes to work or shall I say #wifeduties?

Being Romantic

  • Then: This is the most challenging part of LDR. It’s really hard to express your affection beyond words on-line. It’s already sweet though when he found the time to talk to you. But what else? When he wanted to give me something, he would have to spend a lot of money for shipping and I would have to wait for a long time (and vice versa). When we wanted to kiss each other, it’s just a pretend one like pouting your lips and kiss in the air with matching sound.
  • Now: Everything else is possible like picking me up from work, spoiling me with things I like, kissing me on my cheek while washing dishes, etc. 🙂 I am so happy. ❤

We are.

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Any suggestion for LDR Dates? Share it in the comments!

This post was inspired by the LDRBN prompt: Mix It Up



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