MMI: Happy Heart

Happy Valentines! šŸ™‚ This week’s music inspiration is Everybody by Ingrid Michaelson.

Ingrid is one of my favorite female artists. And this is one of my favorite songs from her. šŸ™‚ It’s just so catchy! Plus, it also tells us some truth about love.


Life is better with pain. Well, I’m not a masochist. It’s just that, we much appreciate the good things more when we’ve experienced the bad things. We appreciate the stars when there’s darkness. Feeling the pain means that you’re not numb. If you’re in pain right now, don’t worry, something good will happen next. It’s just a cycle, I guess.

As a treat, I’m also going to share this cover of the song. This is with my bffs šŸ˜›

What song describes your weekend? Share it in the comments!

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