MM3: February Goals

Wassup? Last January, I shared my goals for the year 2016. So for this month’s MM3, I’m going to share the results of my December goals and my new goals this month of February.

Previous GOALS


Have a daily “quiet time” with the Lord. Somehow Achieved.

I feel like what I’m doing right now is still not enough but it’s better than the past months. During my 15-minute break, I try to pray, read the scripture and read daily devotional material through


HAVE AT LEAST 15 minutes of blogging time in a day. Somehow Achieved.

I failed to time myself with blogging but I try almost everyday to do some blogging stuff like writing new posts, commenting to other blogs and visit the LDRBN community.


Treat my husband on a date.

Yes! Finally! Last week we watched Hail, Caesar! and eat dinner afterwards… My treat! 🙂

Sushi dinner with hubby after watching #HailCeasar

A post shared by Wannie Rodriguez (@wanniemation) on


February Goals


Finish all paperworks.

I need to prepare and finalize the paperworks that I need for my Adjustment of Status interview and Report of Marriage. Also, I plan to have my Transcript of Records evaluated so I can know the US or state equivalency of my degree in the Philippines.


Publish at least 8 posts a month.

In my blog calendar, I have 16 posts that I plan to publish each month. My aim is to at least publish half of it. It’s not really that easy for me to publish everyday. Plus, I give importance to quality over quantity. 🙂


Buy hubby something he needs.

Okay, so I was already able to treat him on a date and buy him games. Now my goal is to give him something that he needs like a pair of socks. Hehe.

Bonus Goal from LDRBN:

Share three blogs you love to read.

  1. aysabaw
  2. The Blank Polaroids
  3. Extra Postage Needed

And a whole lot more that I’ll probably share on my other posts. 🙂

 What are your goals this month? Share it in the comments! 


9 thoughts on “MM3: February Goals

  1. Kristine says:

    Good luck on the interview and paperworks sis! Have you thought where you would evaluate your transcrip though? I had mine evaluated couple years before but I don’t think it worked for me. Hahaha. And thank you for the mention below! ❤


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