My Vinyl Collection: January and February 2016

I love music! And I’m taking it to the next level by starting a vinyl collection of the records that I love. My aim is to have at least one vinyl record a month but since I’m just starting, I can’t help but purchase more than my goal. πŸ™‚ Here’s my collection so far…

Vinyl #1: Kaleidoscope Heart | Sara Bareilles


How I Got It: My first ever vinyl given to me by my loving hubby for Christmas. My fave album of all time (or so far). πŸ™‚
Songs You Might Know from this Album: King of Anything, Gonna Get Over You, Uncharted
My Personal Favorite: Every song is awesome that’s why it’s my favorite. But I’m going to share this one: Hold My Heart
Reason: Can you try not to be emotional while listening to this song?

Vinyl #2: Jagged Little Pill | Alanis Morissette


How I Got It: The original turntable that my hubby gave me for Christmas was Crosley. However, when I tried my Sara Bareilles album, it was skipping. He surprised me one day with this vinyl record. I also love Alanis so I’m pretty happy with what he bought for me. Now, we would try if it was a scratched vinyl or it’s the turntable that we needed to replace. Turned out, it was turntable. We returned it and bought Audio-Technica. Now all my vinyls are playing on it properly. πŸ™‚
Songs You Might Know from this Album: Ironic, Hand in My Pocket, Uncharted
My Personal Favorite/s: Ironic and Head Over Feet
Reason: They are part of my life’s soundtrack. πŸ™‚

Vinyl #3: X | Ed Sheeran

Vinyl #3. Si Batman talaga nag-co-collect ng vinyl records, 'di ako. #sponsoredbyhubby #edsheeran #x #multiply

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How I Got It: I asked my hubby to buy me a new vinyl as a joke. When he got home, he gave me this. I told him that I was just kidding. I love Ed Sheeran but I want to buy the old albums first. I still appreciate it though. πŸ™‚ Plus, this album is on my iPod which is what I consider first before buying a record.
Songs You Might Know from this Album: Thinking Out Loud, Photograph, Don’t
My Personal Favorite: One. I actually just heard this song when I listened to the vinyl. I didn’t know it was his single. It’s so underrated.
Reason: It’s just so good to listen to. Its music and lyrics are both awesome!

Vinyl #4: Juno OST | Various Artists

Vinyl #4 and #5. First time that I was the one who purchased them. Hee. #Juno #SheandHim

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How I Got It: I went to Barnes and Noble to buy a vinyl record for the first time. It was like heaven! I was thinking what to buy first until I saw the OST of the movie Juno! I love that soundtrack and I was just surprised to see it. Since it was cheaper than most of the vinyls, I already made sure that I would purchase it.
Songs You Might Know from this Album: Anyone Else But You, I’m Sticking With You, Superstar
My Personal Favorite: Anyone Else But You and all the Kimya Dawson songs in the album. πŸ™‚
Reason: The lyrics are genius! Haha.

Vinyl #5: Volume One | She and Him

How I Got It: As I continued browsing, this was the the next one that I planned to buy and eventually did. It had the same price so I bought two at the same day.
Songs You Might Know from this Album: Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?, I Should Have Known Better
My Personal Favorite: I don’t think I have a personal favorite, honestly. But I do like all the songs.
Reason: They are all catchy and it’s the perfect album to play on a turntable because they sound so classic.

Vinyl #6: The All-American rejects | The All-American Rejects

Vinyl #6 First splatter vinyl. #highschoolmemories #TheAllAmericanRejects #AAR

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How I Got It: The first record I bought on-line (Amazon)! I made a wishlist of the ones I want to buy in the future but this is definitely one of my fave albums so I got it first.
Songs You Might Know from this Album: Swing Swing, Time Stands Still, The Last Song
My Personal Favorite: The Last Song
Reason: It just brings me a lot of high school memories. πŸ™‚

EVinyl #7: Everybody | Ingrid Michaelson

Vinyl #7 white vinyl. πŸ™‚ #IngridMichaelson #Everybody #GurlsRule

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How I Got It: This is my fave album from Ingrid but for some reason, it wasn’t on my Wish List. It was either not available or very expensive at the time I made the list. While I was browsing Amazon one day, I saw how cheap it was. I didn’t think twice and bought the album.
Songs You Might Know from this Album: Maybe, The Chain, Everybody
My Personal Favorite: Everybody.
Reason: It reminds me of my bffs– Chax, Bax and Dax.


That’s all for now. πŸ™‚

What’s your favorite album of all time? Share it in the comments!



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