MMI: Do the Right Thing

This week’s music inspiration is “All at Once” by The Fray.

I love a lot of songs from The Fray and this is just one of them. I never actually know what the whole song is about until today when I read the whole lyrics because ever since then, this is the line that strikes me the most.

All at Once

Back then, I was in a bad relationship. I knew I had to let go with that person but it was too hard for me. It hurt to let go but when I finally did, I ended up being happier.

In our lives, we face different situations where we find it hard to do the right thing even though we are fully aware of it. We follow our hearts more than our minds despite the pain. This doesn’t only relate with relationships, okay?

I dare you to do the right thing today. You deserve to be happy.

How’s your heart today? Share it in the comments!


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