Where’s Wannie? Vol. 4

Hello! Miss me? You probably didn’t even notice that I’ve not been posting for a while. Hehe. Anyways, I only post “Where’s Wannie?” whenever I’m too busy or too bored to blog.Β  For the sake of updating, I’ll be sharing what keeps me “busy” lately even though you might not be interested. Hoho.

1. Playing Clash Royale

My hubby and I never played Clash of Clans because we felt like it’s too late for us to start playing it. When this CoC spin-off came out, my hubby tried it and became addicted to it. He asked me (begged/forced me rather) to download it and now I’m so addicted, too. So whenever I have free time, this is what I do instead.

2. Chores!

Now, that I’m working, my daily schedule is:

  • Getting ready for work
  • work
  • getting ready for dinner + social media
  • dinner
  • house chores (washing dishes, packing lunch for tomorrow, preparing coffee for tomorrow, etc)
  • Skype with my mom in the Philippines
  • spend time with hubby (play games, watch movie/TV, massage, etc.)
  • sleep

3. Music Production

I so want to learn how to. I’m just researching so far but hopefully, I’ll get everything I need this year to help me get started.

I’ll share more about these on my Happy List this month. πŸ™‚


What keeps you busy lately? Share it in the comments!



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