Preggy Diaries: First and Second Trimester

I’m back (kind of)! I just really want to document this great change happening in my life right now. Yes, I’m gonna have a baby! This is totally unplanned but who’s to say no for a big blessing? šŸ™‚

Finding Out

I’m regular with my period so a two-day delay is already a sign that pregnancy is possible. I waited for three more days before I used a pregnancy test. I woke up and did the test first thing in the morning. I was nervous because that was my first time to use a PT and I know I wasn’t ready yet for a positive result.Ā  After about 5 minutes, I checked back in with the stick and saw a cross. I asked my sis-in-law what it meant (although I already know) because the cross was so light. She hugged me and congratulated me. I honestly didn’t know what to feel yet that time. I bought another pair of PTs just to be sure. I did the test in my school’s bathroom and the digital PT gave me the clearest answer. This time, I know for sure that I’m indeed pregnant. Now, I feel a little bit excited.

The whole day, my husband had been texting me and asking me about the result and I kept on saying that I hadn’t done the test yet. My plan was to tell him personally when I get home from work. When I finally told him, he was like , “Well, I already know because it’s so obvious you already took it but just wouldn’t tell me the result…” Well, duh!?!

My Symptoms – First Trimester

I think compared to most women, my first trimester is not that hard although I still had the symptoms and I could really feel the changes happening in my body.

  • During the first weeks, I couldn’t feel any symptoms at all except the frequent urge to pee.
  • I was always bloated accompanied by heartburn or vice versa.
  • I was always hungry but picky with food. It seemed like everything didn’t taste good for me. So, yeah, I didn’t have any specific cravings but it’s so hard to find food that’s delicious for me.
  • If I didn’t eat for more than two hours, I would feel nauseated. There’s only like more than a couple of times that I actually vomited and I didn’t like it. I’d lose my appetite after vomiting, too and it would be so much harder to eat.
  • I was so sensitive! I would cry over simple things. Usually, it would be my husband’s fault. Haha.
  • I had a strong sense of smell. I hated anything with strong smell including soap and perfume. And sometimes, I felt like my food tasted like soap so I wouldn’t eat it.
  • I was always tired. My sisters-in-law told me that they felt the baby’s a boy because I wasn’t perky at all but rather the opposite. I was always seemed gloomy and not in the mood to do the things that I usually like to do.
  • I started taking prenatal vitamins. After I finished the gummy vitamins, I tried a different brand with big capsules. That made me constipated because of its iron content. It also made me more nauseated and since the capsule is so big, I felt like it gets stuck in my chest everytime I take it. So, I just went back with the gummies.
  • I also felt lower abdominal cramps. It’s like a sharp pain like a knife poking me but only for a very short time. I also felt that whenever I would feel scared like seeing a child at school about to get hurt.

Announcing it the World

I only told a few people after finding out. You know, how they say that you shouldn’t announce it to everyone yet during the first trimester because of the possibility of miscarriage? I just waited because IĀ  got scared. Anyways, right after the 14th week, I posted this photo on Facebook. My husband and I are too shy for photos of ourselves so I just had this idea of posting our matching shoes and bought a baby version of our sneakers from the mall. Some FB friends didn’t get it at first. Haha. But yeah, I’m glad that a lot of people were happy for us.

My Symptoms – Second Trimester

They say that the second trimester is the best. I believe so. But there are new symptoms that are still not so comfortable.

  • I usually have leg cramps in the middle of the night. My doctor said I needed more calcium.
  • My feet are swollen! They say it’s too early for them to be swollen but the only shoes that would fit me are the ones that are already kind of worn out.
  • My heel hurts or become numb when I stand for a long time. That’s probably because of my weight. I wear compression socks at home although it’s more recommended to use them when you’re working.
  • I’m experiencing carpal tunnel syndrome. My left wrist hurts a lot especially when I wake up. It’s probably from hand’s position when I sleep.
  • I’m starting to love sweets.
  • My muscles get tired easily.

Finding Out the Gender

My husband and I were hoping for a girl. But, guess what? It’s a boy. And I’m still excited to meet my baby. I let my relatives guess the gender before my ultrasound. Most of them really thought it’s a boy so they are correct.

Second Ultrasound

In my my first ultrasound, it showed that I had a low lying placenta. After about a month, I got another ultrasound and it’s in the “OK” position now. Also, I got to see my baby in 3D sonogram and caught him smiling. šŸ™‚

Before, I found 3D sonograms creepy… Haha. Pero 'pag sarili mong baby, nakaka-in-love pala. ā¤

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During my second trimester, my husband and I went to Chicago for our “babymoon”. Traveling didn’t become a problem and we both enjoyed our vacation. We have a close relative in Chicago who accommodated us and toured us around. šŸ™‚ My husband’s niece also took some great photos of us including our gender reveal picture!

Batbaby Begins #itsaboy šŸ“ø @zelfiesunday

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I’m now in my third trimester and it’s not getting easier but will update in my next post! Thanks for reading! šŸ™‚


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